The Vatican imposed a ban on the use of the relics of the saints in blasphemous rites

News 17 December, 2017

The Vatican clergy concerned about the misuse of relics of saints, or the remains of those who could be canonized. They imposed a strict ban on the sale of teeth, hair, and other fragments of bodies. For such a step, the clergy were compelled to resort from-for the become frequent cases of trafficking of relics on Internet auction sites.


The ban also concerns the use of relics in the rites which the Catholic Church calls blasphemous. The Vatican has stated that they intend to preserve power for generations to come. Otherwise, all these artifacts can be sold, because they are ready to buy for big money.

However, the relics of the saints remain an integral attributes of the Catholic Church, to which are attached or which contemplate believers in the Church festivities. The priests propose to divide all such relics into classes. The first class will include the part of the body of the Saint, and the second class includes objects that are directly in contact with the body: shoes, clothes and so on.

With the aim of plundering the graves of the canonized saints of the Vatican wants to exhume the body. For this, they need to obtain permission from living relatives of the deceased.