The viruses fall from the sky, literally

News 6 February, 2018
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    Tuesday, 6 February 2018 14:58

    Tuesday, 6 February 2018 14:58

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    The virus literally fall from the sky. At least that is what believes a team of scientists who focused on the question of the spread of the virus through the air.

    According to their discovery, millions of viruses are capable of traveling in the earth’s atmosphere, reports the news site Sky News.

    These viruses are able to hold on to organic particles suspended in the air and in the gas, then fall to the ground, thousands of kilometres away.

    This discovery would help to explain why virus genetically identical are found in very remote locations.

    These scientists at canadian universities, Spanish and american have also succeeded for the first time to quantify the number of viruses moving in air.

    It would be billions of virus per square meter. These virus do not reach, however, not the stratosphere, the upper floor located above the troposphere.

    They manage to reach the top of the clouds, and therefore, the above weather conditions which prevail over a region.

    Experts believe that at this height in the troposphere, these germs can be blown thousands of miles before falling back.