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News 17 July, 2017
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    Monday, 17 July, 2017 00:56

    Monday, 17 July, 2017 00:56

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    The two vessels are emblematic of the american army — a destroyer and a ship-to-school — are part of the forty boats that accosteront next week in Quebec city on the occasion of the Rendez-vous 2017, the flagship event of the 150th anniversary of Canada.

    This is what Allison Areias-Vogel, consul general of United States in Quebec city, told the Journal during a long interview. For security reasons, no information has been circulated up to now to the subject of the coming of the USS Jason Dunham, a military vessel overarmed and ultra.

    “It’s going to be awesome. We are delighted that the two were there, supported the diplomat in fluent French. The eagle represents the beginning of our traditions at sea with tall ships, and the Jason Dunham, it is the true military ship in active service.”

    After the last, the presence of strong symbolic illustrates the “friendship” of the United States with Canada and Quebec. “There is a maritime tradition between the two countries. We want to show the cultural exchange that a. It’s going to turn up cadet canadian for the arrival of the Eagle”, she stated.

    The training ship Eagle has already landed in Quebec city in 1984, during the event Quebec 84. At this time, “the prime minister [Pierre Elliott] Trudeau was there with his son… Justin,” said the consul general with a smile.

    Activities in the community

    The crew of the two ships will take part in several activities in the national capital during the days of presence at the dock.

    “They will participate in activities of assistance and interaction with the community. They are going to do sports, to visit children with cancer and clean up the edges of the rivers. It shows their willingness to help”, has proudly supported Allison Areias-Vogel.

    Free tour

    The latter insisted on the fact that the public can board the two ships for the visit free of charge, according to a timetable which will be communicated in the coming days. Gift items will also be sold (we will not be able to buy with cash and u.s. dollars).

    A quarantine of ships will gather in Quebec city and Lévis in the framework of the Rendez-vous 2017, from 18 to 23 July.


    USCGC Eagle (a training Vessel)

    Photo courtesy

    • First used by the nazis to train the cadets of the German Navy.
    • The ship passed into the hands of Americans as prize of war at the end of the Second world War.
    • Used like ship school for the training of future officers of the u.s. coast guard.
    • Length : 295 feet (90 meters)
    • Maximum width : 39 feet (12 meters)
    • Rigging : Three-masted barque
    • Year of construction : 1936
    • Home Port : New London, Connecticut (United States)

    Sources: official Sites us, specialized sites and site of the APPOINTMENT 2017


    USS Jason Dunham (Destroyer)

    Photo taken from Facebook

    • Named in memory of a corporal of american dead as a result of fighting in Iraq in 2004.
    • Destroyer lance-missiles classe Arleigh Burke
    • Length : 508 feet (155 meters)
    • Maximum width : 67 feet (20 meters)
    • Speed : Can reach 32 knots sailors (about 60 km/h).
    • Armament : 96 missiles, two guns of 25 mm, four machine guns of 12.7 mm, six tubes torpedo, a hangar for two helicopters Seahawk
    • Year of release : 2010