“The visitor from 3300 years” said in the video about the coming Apocalypse In the World : Vladim

News 22 February, 2018

In the Internet appeared a video where a man claims that he is a time traveler and went back in 3300 years. Unknown said that the inhabitants of the Earth will war with robots.


The man said that the main purpose of his temporary movements is to prevent the impending disaster. The footage shows that the traveler hid his face and disguised his voice. As reported by the man himself, this is done for security purposes. He said that in the distant future earthlings will fight with the troops of the representatives of the artificial intellect. To lead the army of robots will one computer of gigantic proportions.

The guest, who was born in December 3258 (as he says) added that intelligent robots have conquered the Earth and makes its own decisions.

It should be added that recently in YouTube there are many videos of this nature. Some authors even passed check on the lie detector.