The VR charm small families

News 4 March, 2018
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    Several recreational vehicles presented at the Salon du VR de Montreal have been designed to accommodate young families, customers who are more and more important.

    Catherine Montambeault

    Saturday, 3 march 2018 22:36

    Saturday, 3 march 2018 22:36

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    Long been associated with older clients, the recreational vehicle industry is currently benefiting from a new breath thanks to the young families, who are more numerous to be interested in it.

    “The VR has been very successful in the 80s or 90s, and today, I have the impression that the young people who went camping with their parents at that time want to reproduce the same thing with their own children,” says Eric Lachapelle, co-owner of Roulottes Gagnon.

    Exhibitors interviewed by The Journal at the Salon du VR de Montréal, which is taking place this weekend at the palais des congress, are unanimous : a long time ago that the RV industry has not been as prosperous, and we must, in particular, to milléniaux.

    The 20-35 years indeed seem to greatly enjoy the freedom to travel that provides recreational vehicles.

    “The new generation lives much in the present moment, and friends and leisure activities are very important for them, says Mr. Lachapelle. The camping, it allows you to get together with friends and have a good time. It goes so perfectly with their style of life. “

    Photo agence qmi, joel lemay

    Some models included for example bunk beds.


    Bunk beds and Wi-Fi

    To attract this new customer base, companies are developing vehicles that are specially adapted to their needs. “For example, we have more and more models with bunk beds, to allow people to travel with multiple children,” says Jean-François Lussier, owner of Horizon Lussier.

    And who says milléniaux said technology. Gadgets are multiplying, therefore, the interior of the RV, whether it is a refrigerator temperature control from a smart phone or an application that can open and close the awning of his new trailer at a distance.

    “Now, a lot of RV come with wi-fi, because it is rendered almost a necessity for young families, especially those with teens “, stresses Luc Vaillancourt, director general of the Association des commerçants de véhicules récréatifs du Québec (ACVRQ).

    Of course, this is not everyone who can afford to spend several tens of thousands of dollars to purchase an RV at only 25 years old. Vehicles small, lightweight and inexpensive, therefore, have the rating.

    Luxury retro

    But if you’re retired and you have the means to invest in an RV luxurious, have no fear : there are many options you always.

    For around $ 100 000, the Montana 3921FB looks like a real house on wheels. There is a huge kitchen with an island, panoramic windows, a 32-inch tv outside for movie nights… and even a bath.

    With their retro fashion, travel trailers Airstream, these famous caravans rounded made of aluminium, are also more popular than ever.

    The discovery of the continent

    Photo catherine Montambeault

    Valerie Beaupre and Alexandre Gregory have shared their experiences in VR at a conference at the Show on Saturday.


    Tired of the routine, a couple of Quebec has decided two years ago to rent his house and discover the continent aboard a pickup truck and a small trailer of 19 feet.

    Alexander Gregory and Valerie Beaupre, 28 and 27 years, have almost all left them behind in may 2016 to travel the United States, Western canada and Mexico in the company of their two dogs.

    “Shortly before all of this, my father died at only 53 years of age,” said Alexandre Grégoire. He hadn’t even retired. It was the kick in the butt that gave me the taste to stop to postpone my projects for later. “

    Upon his return to Quebec in may 2017, the young couple was quickly annoyed again by the daily. So he decided to go back with his caravan, this time without setting a return date.

    “We put our house up for sale, and we are just waiting to find a buyer for leaving,” says Mr. Gregory. Our new goal, is to go to Alaska. “

    Travel working

    Despite his desire to travel, Alexander Gregory was keen to keep his job as a mortgage broker at Multi-prêts. For the past two years, he has been working full-time on the road.

    Valerie Beaupre film about their journey to their YouTube channel, Ready for the road, which now has more than 1300 subscribers.

    To follow the adventures of Alexander Gregory and Valerie Beaupré, the