The Walking Dead Season 7: Rick Negan ready to fight in the final mid-season? New details about the sequel announced!

News 10 November, 2016

The episode 4 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead has not aired we already know what will happen in the future!

the-walking-dead-saison-7-episode-4-spoilersThen we came back yesterday on episode 3 of season 7 of The Walking Dead and the photo Dwight gives Daryl , today is a result of the season we are interested. New details about the sequel allow us to know a bit what is going to happen until mid-season finale that will air on AMC on 11 December. While episode 4 will focus on Alexandria and the fallout from the dead by Glenn and Rick Abraham and all the rest of the group, episode 5 titled “Go-Getters” should in turn be interested in the Hill Maggie, Jesus and Gregory. According to the synopsis, and Carl Enid will set out to the Hill while Jesus will defend his community against an attack led by Simon Saviors . This will allow us to see Carl have its own intrigue away from his father but also to learn more about Jesus.

In episode 6, we finally know what happened to Tara and Heath and synopsis also makes us think that we will discover a new community, possibly that of Oceanside / Seaside. Indeed the trailer for the season 7 shows Tara Heath and the sides of mysterious characters and fight against zombies that come out of the sand, indicating the presence of the sea do. what’s comics, this group has a small role for now but if their early arrival in the series could mean they will have a more important role on the small screen. Furthermore the end of the first part of the season can guess through the titles of episodes 7 and 8. The episode 7 entitled “Blazing Hell” could well refer to the attack against Alexandria Negan in comics during which the balance grenades over the walls of the city and puts several houses on fire.

This episode is followed by the mid-season finale, “Exodus”, the title could mean the migration of Rick and other Alexandrians to Hill following the partial destruction of their community. This would allow the two groups together to start preparing for an arc of highly anticipated comic book in the series “All Out War”. Indeed thanks to BD we know that Rick submission will not last and it will quickly organize its forces to face Negan. Can we already see the beginning of a confrontation in the first part of the season 7 ? It is not impossible but it is assumed that the two communities will require a lot of preparation to address a group as fierce as Saviors, so we think the big battle will come to the end of the season. While waiting to learn more, we’re back on the reasons why it might be time for The Walking Dead stops. What do you think of this information?