The wave of denunciations #moiaussi continues to shake the political class canadian

News 10 February, 2018
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    Saturday, February 10, 2018 12:58

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    The wave of denunciations in the wake of the movement #moiaussi continues to shake the political class in canada.

    The member of the conservative Party, kingdom of the Alberta Gift MacIntyre, age 62, who resigned on 2 February after having been in the news, is now formally charged with sexual assault and interference to sex of the alleged offences against a teenage girl of 16 years, has reported on the”Edmonton Journal”.

    The new head of the PCU, Jason Kenney, said he is “shocked and disgusted to learn of these serious charges” brought against his former colleague elected in 2015 under the banner of the party Wildrose, which has since merged with the conservatives to form the conservative Party kingdom.

    In Manitoba, the former minister néodémocrate Stan Struthers is also referred to. Women have added their voices to others who had already denounced, earlier this month, alleging to have been subjected to inappropriate touching on his part, as reported by Global News. Mr. Struthers was excused after the first allegation that he had tickled the female colleagues, in addition to having derogatory remarks against them.

    In Ontario, the former conservative chief Patrick Brown continues to deny the allegations of sexual misconduct that he has been charged. He was to become premier of Ontario in June, at least according to this that predicted the most recent polls. He finally resigned in the middle of the night to the end of January.

    In an interview published Saturday in the “National Post”, Mr. Brown has once again refuted the allegations, speaking of “lies absolute”, and threatening to take legal proceedings because his reputation has been destroyed.

    “It was as if it was run over by a truck and you are in a state of shock,” said Mr. Brown, speaking even of an “execution before trial”.

    In recent weeks, the wave of denunciations has been due to other elected officials as the federal minister Kent Hehr and the leader of the conservatives in Nova Scotia, Jamie Baillie, who had to resign due to allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior.