The Weasel: a software to help police investigations

News 16 July, 2017
  • Photo Antoine Lacroix
    Paul Laurel, former police officer, to the SQ, and today president and founder of the Group Vigiteck, launches the software, The Weasel, a search engine that is very powerful that can help investigators.

    Antoine Lacroix

    Sunday, 16 July 2017 21:02

    Sunday, 16 July 2017 21:02

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    Unveiled Monday, the platform quebec The Weasel could facilitate the work of the investigators, it enables one to find specific information on the people based on the search engines, web sites and social networks.

    “This is software that is stealthy and smart, which analyzes everything he finds on the internet. Quickly, it will come out and rank the documents relevant and responsive to queries provided by those seeking information, ” explains its creator Paul Laurier, founder of the Group Vigiteck.


    Paul Laurier, a former police officer to the SQ, is working on the project with his team for over a year, and began marketing on Monday, on the sidelines of the annual conference of the canadian Association of chiefs of police.

    The product is not available to the general public. The expert in computer crime refers rather to the market of the intelligence agencies, police, private security companies and the law firms of lawyers and accountants, the human resources of companies wishing to check the background of a future employee, and the media.

    “It is not necessary that it falls into the wrong hands. It is we who manage the subscriptions to access the software, ” said Mr Laurier.

    If a business does not get itself a license, it is also possible to instruct the company Vigiteck to do the research and provide an analysis.

    Economy of time

    It is impossible for him to establish a cost for the services of the platform since the needs of each purchaser of a license are different.

    The Weasel would undoubtedly save time for investigators, according to Paul Laurier.

    “Instead of searching multiple places, we can put it all together in the software. The economy of time is there. It’s like in the tom Thumb, every small stone that is allows you to step up and provide something extremely precise. The more he gathers information, the more it becomes powerful. It may also say who is your entourage, ” says the former investigator.

    “And the people do not pay attention to what they publish. All of that leaves traces, ” he concludes.