The wedding of the Princess of Japan was postponed because of the change of power in the country : In the World : Vladim

News 6 February, 2018

The wedding of Princess Mako and her beloved Kay Komuro postponed to 2020 due to the fact that her grandfather – the Emperor of Japan in 2019 will give the throne to his eldest son Naruhito.


Pair Mako and Kay reported that their wedding has been postponed because of a number of the more important events related to the procedure for the transfer of the throne. Most of the preparatory processes take a lot of time, so preparations for the wedding is now impossible. As the pair notes that this delay will give them extra time before the start of a new life.

The wedding was scheduled for November 2018, and the procedure for the transfer of the throne will be held in April-may 2019. The power of the Emperor in Japan last until the end of life, but in November last year, the current Emperor Akihito said that because of old age wants to hand over power to his eldest son, Naruhito. In Tokyo especially for this event was developed a special law authorizing the transfer of title.