The white house is painting van Gogh has offered the Golden bowl : In the World : Vladim

News 26 January, 2018

At the moment, Donald trump ridiculed by many representatives of the American intellectual elite, as his request for the new York Museum of paintings for one of his personal rooms were officially rejected.


The US President wished to see on the wall in one of their personal spaces picture of the famous artist Vincent van Gogh entitled “Landscape with snow”. The administration of the new York Museum expressed its deepest regrets to the American leader and refused to grant him a work of art. In return Trump offered to provide a toilet made of gold called “America”, which was perceived by many U.S. media as a fairly clear allusion to compare his reign with the thing in the toilet room.

Note, the Museum has assured the American President that the toilet is in full working order, but if you want Donald trump, the Museum staff will be able to provide all the necessary equipment for its installation.