The winner of “Battle of psychics”: in 2017, absolutely can not leave

Techno 21 December, 2017

2016-12-26 19:39

The winner of “Battle of psychics”: in 2017, absolutely can not leave
The year of the Fire Rooster will be very combat and responsible for virtually every sign of the zodiac.

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The winner of the 16th season of the project “Battle of psychics” ( STB ) Suren Julakyan told about what awaits our country in the next year, how to tell a quack from a real psychic, and about how to find your soulmate, reports Rus.Media.

— Suren, what education do you have?

— I have a creative soul. In his youth he wrote poetry, played in the theater, led children’s programs on television. By the end of the school were heavily involved in medicine, I liked to practice at the hospital: I assisted in several operations and dreamed of becoming a surgeon. But on the budget I failed to do, but the law took me. However, in my third year I realized that I was not very interested and began to attend lectures on psychology. Today, knowledge in this field help me a lot, because I think psychology is an integral part of extrasensory perception: many of my clients need qualified psychological assistance. Jurisprudence also helps many to talk about business. And when you realize what he’s talking about people, it facilitates the task.

— How to distinguish a quack from a real psychic?

For me this topic is absurd! If a person says what is not, sooner or later he will be forced to leave the field. The reason is given us in order to make the right choice. But it is important to understand that a wrong choice does not exist, therefore, any decision made by us a priori true. So even if you got an appointment to the so-called beginner-quack — so, this is what you need. And it is quite possible that the quack will give you a karmic lesson, which then will bear fruit. Of course, I’m not talking about those who decide to psychic to cure cancer or raise the dead. These stupid people I never understood.

— Give advice to women how to meet a decent man.

— Main criteria: healthy female energy, as it like sweet honey that attracts the bees. Need to do their own energofinprom — to enhance feminine energy and for the proper distribution of energoblock that will bite the fish. To preserve harmonious relations important only one criterion: a real and generous love women and men. Only loving each other, you can go to the mountain. Otherwise all the years of effort will roll head over heels. Life is too short to spend with people squeezing you dry. If someone wants you to be present in his life, he will take care of your comfort. You don’t have to fight for a place next to him.

— What are your predictions for 2017?

— The year of the Fire Rooster will be very combat and responsible for virtually every sign of the zodiac. Each will have to win their own space and to grab the benefit for themselves, literally biting into the throat of those who would encroach on your territory. For those who have it in principle, in character, the year will be very fruitful, actively and without any excesses, may increase self-worth and growth in professional and in personal sphere. Even the cock himself is a symbol of the most powerful elements of our period of Time, because he’s one of the few birds that clearly it feels. But time can heal, and kill. Therefore, I insist: don’t mess with this element. In order to achieve your goals and attract good luck in the new year, it is necessary not to delay things, don’t be late, Wake up early and appreciate the time. This year is very stimulating. Many expect a huge change in personal life and career. Divorce is strictly prohibited — they will not bring any happiness of those who are divorced. But the marriage will be good and durable. In addition, this year we need to be careful in the matter of their own security would be a lot of accidents and injuries. Disasters and war also, unfortunately, can not be avoided. But complex and ambiguous 2017 can bring happiness , if it is to carry goodness and light. In short, this is the year in which the personality comes to the fore!

— Can you change the destiny of man, or just predict it?

— Magic and psychic is the law : if an expert sees something, he can remove or adjust. Master higher power will not give to see what he can’t take off. You can change everything, except death. In other cases, there is always a choice and the ability to stop the process.