The woman who has captivated his spouse charged with manslaughter

News 21 December, 2017
  • File Photo, Caroline Lepage
    Lynn Lemay shows a photo of his spouse Michel Carmel, a road signalman has been hit fatally on a construction site in the eastern Townships.

    Vincent Larin

    Wednesday, 20 December 2017 19:13

    Wednesday, 20 December 2017 23:01

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    The spouse of a flagman in road struck fatally by a motorist impatient on a construction site in the eastern Townships says it is issued to a weight since she has learned that the woman driver is charged with manslaughter.

    “I’m back not Michel, but at least it is a process that part and it is hoped that justice will be served,” said Lynn Lemay.

    On 7 November, his spouse, Michel Carmel, coordinated paving work on route 220 in Bonsecours when it was struck by a woman driver. The 60-year old man has been kept alive artificially for several days before finally succumbing to his injuries.

    Cell phone use while driving

    Catherine Geoffroy, 30 years old, has been charged with dangerous driving, hit and run, assault with a weapon and manslaughter, Wednesday, to get caught up mortally the signaller.

    The woman Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley faces a sentence of up to life imprisonment.

    She is also accused of having struck with his vehicle another person who was on the job site.

    Before the impact, she would be denied access by a signaleuse road, because she was talking on a cell phone while driving. It is said to have appeared impatient, and it is at this time that Mr. Carmel, coordinator for the signage, would then intervened, according to witnesses. It would be placed in front of the vehicle, and the lady would have been overthrown. It fell on the head.

    Wasted lives

    “It is a pity that there are so many lives wasted for a simple conversation on the phone. The life of Michel was important, but his or hers as well, ” commented Lynn Lemay about the accused.

    The woman hopes that these accusations will be able to send a warning to motorists driving in the vicinity of construction sites to pay attention to flagmen road.

    “I just wish that it doesn’t happen to someone else. Also, I have seen [Ms. Geoffroy] and if I had a daughter her age I would not like it happening to him the same thing, ” she said.