The work climate will improve in the UPAC, but work remains to be done

News 19 January, 2018
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    In the light of two reports filed by the Unité permanente anticorruption (UPAC), the government of Quebec, note that the working climate improves within the unit. Measures have been taken, but there is still work to be done.

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    The two reports disclosed are the problems of management to the internal and another on the implementation of the solutions.

    In particular, the report demonstrates that internal communication remained an issue in 2017. The commissioner for the fight against corruption recommends that you develop and put in place a mechanism of communication on a regular basis.

    Among the measures requested, the UPAC wants to add seven investigators to its team. The number of files to be processed has exploded since 2015, from 176 to 767. UPAC aims a number of 500 for 2020.

    “It is not for parliamentarians to replace the management of an organization to attempt to resolve the internal issues of labour relations,” said Martin Coiteux by way of a press release.

    “However, my role, as minister of public Safety, is to make sure that the UPAC, on the organizational level, is able to perform in an exemplary manner the important mandate which has been entrusted to him. I thus call now to the collaboration of the various opposition parties in order to proceed quickly to the adoption of bill no. 107, which would initiate the process to form a supervisory committee independent of the UPAC, ” continued the minister.

    The report had been requested from the commissioner to the fight against corruption by Martin Coiteux, the 5th of December last, relating to the work climate within the UPAC.