The worst excuses you can not hear on a soccer field

Sport 28 December, 2016

When it loses, the bad player is the type to pick randomly in a bag filled with pretexts. Here is its contents.
On the green rectangles over the world, you can fish the swells with soccer players with very different personalities . And the species that will never be disappearing is that of the rage. One has necessarily come across one. If you have not yet put your spikes next to an apology manufacturer, you currently have 76% * chances to meet one in the weeks to come. This kind of fanatic is easily identifiable because it loose at least one of these evasions at each of its games . Whether he is playing an official match or a party with 6-year-olds at a wedding party.
” Go on the ground leans too!”
The pass was simply missed, but he preferred to imagine a landslide. Yes, the bad player defies nature when it sings.
“Yeah but I’m not hot yet, I’m in the shadowy part of me”
In summer, this excuse is very popular. However, it often causes fights between teammates. And not necessarily after the final whistle.
“I swear you said” leave me ”

The rage swears very much. As much as they lie. But they are lucky enough to always have at least one timid poet who will be on their side in case of confusion.
“I’m sick of balloons badly swollen seriously”
The ideal pirouette after a first strike out of frame. This one is used as well with a wrinkled Molten as with a new Replica.
“Everyone can not afford to fool the Predators to 200 balls”

What he will never admit is that the attacker opposite is easy in Kipsta. And if you have the misfortune to make this remark, you can say goodbye to the “little game tranquillou” that you hoped a few minutes earlier.
“The referee is bizarre, he was offside”
It is hard to admit his slowness … Not content with lack of alignment, the bad player never confesses his mistakes.
“Must call me, I did not see a man”
Nobody calls anyone when the orientation of the game is obvious. It’s this way and only this way.
“I really need to buy pumps”

As a general rule, a bad loser does not cover his feet with the top of the top. Otherwise it would make him an excuse less to swing.
“There are no calls, it’s anything”
If necessary, there are always three possible solutions around him. But the main interested often chooses to lose the ball stupidly. And it tightens everyone.
* Number obtained after a scientific calculation of which we will keep the secret. But we are ready to read all your formulas.