Their dream vacation in the Caribbean turns into a nightmare

News 22 December, 2017
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    Friday, 22 December, 2017 01:00

    Friday, 22 December, 2017 01:00

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    GATINEAU | Gatineau died under the eyes of her husband and her children in a bus accident in Mexico while she was in the process of making the trip of her dreams as a family.

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    Stephanie Horwood, 41 years old, participated in a cruise for the first time with her husband and two children 9 and 11 years old.

    Photo taken from Facebook

    Stephanie Horwood

    The family was dashing off to the perfect happiness since his departure there has been a little over a week and had to return to Canada on the 24th of December (Sunday), just in time for Christmas.

    But the holiday turned into a nightmare when the family was in a bus that was involved in an accident Tuesday.

    The couple and their children were arrested in Mexico after having visited other countries in the Caribbean and were en route to the mayan ruins at Chacchoben from Mahahual in the Yucatan peninsula.

    Just like 11 other tourists, the 41-year old female has had no luck and died in the accident.

    “The four were really excited and were looking forward to come back. It was a dream trip for them, it’s been a long time that they were talking about it, ” says the mother of the spouse of Stephanie Horwood, Carole Pommet-Reinthalev.

    Family shaken

    The victim comes from a family of six children was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland. His remains will be repatriated to his home town where will take place funeral. It was, however, established in Gatineau since 15 years, and she had several friends.

    “She was full of love. She lived only for her children. It was a person beautiful and we are devastated without it, ” said his sister, Susan Horwood, the voice knotted with emotion.

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    Susan Horwood

    Sister of the victim

    According to his family, his ashes should be transported in Gatineau where there will be a celebration.

    The family Horwood must go through a second painful loss in four months. Their mother died last September.

    “Our father is aghast. Fortunately, we are a family tightly knit. We are there for each other, ” said Susan Horwood.

    A writer

    Stephanie Horwood was an artist in the soul. Between 2011 and 2012, she has written two books for young people.

    His first book, Love Tokens for Peggy McGee, was intended to advocate for the unconditional love and acceptance in the children.

    “It was the bohemian of the family. A poet of remarkable. She has always lived her dreams, ” said his sister Susan.

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    ►The driver of the bus could be charged. The police suspect excessive speed to explain the accident that resulted in a total of 12 dead and 18 wounded.

    Painful Holiday season for family and friends

    GATINEAU | The Holiday season will be challenging for the other three members of the family who survived the accident.

    Frédéric Reinthalev and her two children were expected last night at the Ottawa airport.

    The spouse of Stephanie Horwood has suffered injuries in the accident of coach in Mexico.

    He had stitches in his legs. The two girls are left with bruises.

    The man’s mother, Carole Pommet-Reinthalev, was eager yesterday to be able to console his family.

    “I’m really looking forward to seeing it again. I feel powerless, because I can’t be there and take them in my arms. I hope that it will happen soon, ” said the lady.


    The family of the Gatineau 41-year-old wants to be able to repatriate his body before Christmas, but the time for such a repatriation can sometimes be long.

    In the event of death abroad, the government of Canada advises on its website to avoid confirming the date of the funeral before the arrival of the body or ashes and their passage through canadian customs.

    “Many factors could delay the repatriation of the deceased “, one can read in an explanatory document.

    Family support

    A group of mothers, baptized Aylmer ‘Mummies’ on Facebook appealed to the generosity of the population to come to the assistance of the family was hit hard.

    Food, dishes that can be frozen and gifts will be distributed to the family, a question that it can receive a bit of comfort for Christmas.

    “As soon as we saw this tragedy, we wanted to immediately bring our support to dad and the girls to Mrs Horwood,” said the group’s spokesperson, Nancy Trepanier.

    Eight Americans and two Swedes have also perished in the accident in Mexico.

    Thirty tourists were taking place in the coach. They came from all cruise ships, Celebrity Equinox and the Serenade of the Seas, the Royal Caribbean company.