These goal celebrations are unusual, and that’s why we love them!

Sport 7 February, 2017

The joy of a striker sometimes goes beyond reason, and the human reflexes of some are not always understandable. But they offer unforgettable scenes.
This is the goal of all players on a soccer field and one for which all supporters give voice: score a goal! Some are performing better than others in this exercise and it must be recognized that they are immediately seen those for whom planting is not usual. Their reaction may suggest that they may not have planned to be there as they poke the ball into the net. So some of them are pretty ridiculous. But the worst are still the ones that were reflected in advance and that shame their author (s). We are not going to lie, we all imagined this moment of glory when all the cameras were pointed at us. For those who dared to celebrate a ridiculous goal, it was not necessarily a good idea … Fortunately, football is above all a show! See also: When Lionel Messi galley out of the Nou Camp (VIDEO) .