These incredible animals – cats. As well as other interesting facts about animals

Techno 14 February, 2018

2018-02-14 10:47

These incredible animals – cats. As well as other interesting facts about animals
Ten thousand years cats live with humans, but still they remain the most mysterious animals.

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Ten thousand years cats live with humans, but still they remain the most mysterious animals.

In Ancient Egypt cats were worshiped in many other countries they were considered gods. In the middle ages believed that witches could turn into cats.

Modern science still cannot explain all of the extraordinary abilities of cats – for example, the ability to find their way from a distance and navigate in unfamiliar terrain.

Cat Pino was one of those cats. The owner Pino sent it to a friend on the plane for nearly 170 kilometers. Cat returned home after 11 days. The cat had held in day 15-16 kilometers, and knowing in what direction to move. Experiments scientists have confirmed in cats, the presence of a sixth sense. But what is the basis of this ability, the experiments are not explained. Professor Friedrich Swangard had a similar experience: he took the cat for 16 kromerowo home. The cat very soon. The Professor figured out that he found another, shorter way home.

Scientists from Keele University have put a massive experience. They put the pen to the outputs on different sides, the squad put a lot of cats who live in the city, located nearby. All the cats went to the closest to the city exit. As Cauchy’s find the right direction, it became clear during the research scientist Frank Maurel. He investigated the nervous system of cats. He was able to implant electrodes in the area of the brain that perceives the image eyes. The cat was fed pulses of sound, but her brain perceived the sounds as visual images. Experiments still in progress, but they allow us to conclude about the presence of cats eye ear.

In addition to hearing cats have a highly developed vision. Her eyes glow in the twilight. This phenomenon is called photoluminescence – mapping the retina of light aimed at her. This property, people use road signs are covered with paint, which glows upon exposure to light from car headlights. The cat sees much better person. She finds a familiar person at a distance up to 100 meters.

Cat’s eye can safely look at the sun. Besides, a cat can see in almost complete darkness.

During the second world war in one of the American military units there was a cat named Damen. Cat felt the approach of enemy aircraft: he beat displeasure tail, heading towards the bunker where people were hiding. It all happened long before the capture signal special station. The cat didn’t react as well to the appearance in the sky of his plane.

Another important organ for the cat is whiskers. Spent experience: had cats in the complex maze. And the cats found a way, until they cut off his mustache. Cat whiskers are very thick and strong hairs, which are surrounded by tissue with many blood vessels.

Scientists have proven that a cat with its whiskers can detect the size and movement production, which is outside her field of vision.

Another feature of cats is to fall from any position directly on paws. This ability is used by man in space. Many times reviewing the record of landing cats in slow motion, scientists were able to solve the problem of correct orientation inside the ship in the absence of gravity. Still unknown to scientists the nature of purring cats. It is also known that cat meows only for a person.

The history of an unusual catTalking cat. Case govoryashego cat in history recorded only 1. Cat masy of Baku began to speak in 2 years. First they said the cries, but over time learned whole words in Russian and Azerbaijani language. For example, the question “What makes snow?”MESI said, “Go.” Knew very well the word “no”.

The cat-guard. A cat named Rusudan fought with the smugglers, finding illegally transported the fish to the Stavropol region. Unfortunately. Poachers have taken him. The police and residents of the Stavropol territory was genuine sorrow.

The cat is the heir. Cat Tanker from England became the heir of the house and the state bequeathed by his mistress after death. Part of the money handed over to neighbors, taking care of a cat. After the animal dies, the entire estate will go to the neighbors. However, the cat still lives.

The most incredible facts about animals

  • In Africa and America there are so-called militant ants that kill everything that gets in their way, and flee even the lions.
  • In Brazil, live butterflies, which emit a strong smell, so they keep at home, so they’m perfuming the air.
  • The wolf is not as big of a predator as it is considered to be. In any case, he could do frogs, insects, berries and even gifts of fields and gardens, and in the complete lack of food, and even go on tree buds, mosses and lichens.
  • Large sea turtles understand the language of dolphins.
  • Inside the lion’s pride 9/10 production in the “family” deliver a lioness. The teeth of the snail are on the tongue, she cuts and grinds food.
  • The whale can hold its breath for up to two hours. Crocodiles swallow stones to dive deeper. The mole can in one night dig a tunnel дліной76 meters.
  • Anteaters prefer to not eat ants and termites.
  • Sloths spend 75% of our life sleeping.
  • Despite the hump, spine of a camel straight.
  • Scorpions can eat nothing for almost two years, and ticks for up to 10 years!
  • Chimps are the only animals that can recognize themselves in the mirror.
  • A blue whale’s tongue weighs up to 4 tons. As a big elephant!
  • The tigers have not only striped fur, but striped skin.
  • Zebra – white with black stripes, and not Vice versa.
  • Cat’s jaw can’t move in different directions.
  • Giraffes are absolutely black tongue, the length of which can reach до45 see
  • To make one kilo of honey, bee should fly around 2 million flowers.
  • Over the last 4,000 years there have been no new domesticated animal.