These numbers attract good luck in 2017

Techno 9 December, 2017

2016-11-28 12:33

These numbers attract good luck in 2017
Each year there are certain numbers that bring luck, attract in our lives what you want: financial prosperity, success, love. These magic numbers are calculated annually numerology is a kind of talisman.

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You can meet them on the number of machines, number of telephone, advertising, clothes and everywhere! It is also useful to carry them in your wallet on a piece of paper or to make out of wood.

Math for attract good luck

According to experienced mathematicians, each person in this world is the proud owner of his magical numeric sign, capable to cause in many cases. For determining its value will have to use all numbers, dates of birth, adding them together to obtain one single number.

For example, the birthday falls on February 5, 1991. In this case, it will have to do the following steps.

1. 0+5+0+2+1+9+9+1=27

2. 2+7=9

It turns out that the number which brings luck to the person that was born on the specified day – nine. In it lies the meaning of many life events of its owner.

Another sure method of determining the mysterious rooms that affects your whole life – to choose the most suitable option from a large variety of existing figures. Usually after that person makes him some kind of bet, or, more simply, “charges” for good luck. The preference in this case is given a specific date when at the time there was some important event. Sometimes people just inspire myself that this figure is able to bring her success because once she is already possible. In this case, it is only necessary seriously to approach to the installation process, to really believe in the mystical abilities of your chosen character.

“Baker’s dozen” should we be afraid of the number 13?

Despite the fact that all known number 13 mounted on a very friendly reputation, many consider it very lucky for their own destiny. The thing is that this value is already charged magical energy in its very essence, carries the true sense of the sacred.

The magnificent seven

In modern astrology and the occult very important role is played by the seven, that has almost unlimited possibilities. Those who doubt your lucky number and still was not able to determine, it is better to make friends with “lucky” seven. This figure can be quite successful mascots in the most difficult moments of life.

A good number for each zodiac sign

Numerology and astrology always go hand in hand. This means that each representative of the zodiacal constellations has its own set of favorable numbers that apply exclusively to him. In this case it is the separation of the numbers is not the 12 signs of the zodiac, but rather depending on the elements to which each of them belongs.

1. Water – Fish, Scorpio, Cancer.

2. Earth – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

3. Air – Libra, Gemini, Aquarius.

4. Fire – Leo, Sagittarius, Aries.

According to the previously described information, all the important events in life should be appointed solely on the “successful” days of the month that each invented the endeavor guaranteed to bring the desired benefits. To determine the optimum number depending on the sign of the zodiac, you should take into account the significant moments and the special arrangement of stars in the sky.

Lucky numbers in 2017 for representatives of the element of Water

1. Cancers. According to astrologers, the most lucky numbers for members of specified annual sign, is considered to be 2, 4, 5 and 8. Specified day of each month are considered most favorable for business contacts and building personal relationships. These same values will help Cancers to determine the exact dates when to take the most crucial decisions in life. Simply put, the proper use of lucky numbers will give the opportunity to turn any situation into the right direction.

2. Fish. Those born in the period from 20 February to a similar number in March, you should remember such happy figures 6, 7 and 11. In addition they can bring good luck numbers that are multiples of 7.

3. Scorpions. For all members of the specified character the most favorable numbers are: 4, 5, 8, 9. These figures bring all the representatives of the water element abundance, stable position in society and success with the opposite sex. As Scorpio is very important to take the branch of the championship, it described magic numbers can help.

Favourable values in 2017 for representatives of the element of Air

1. Weight. For people born under this sign are happy to call all numbers that are divisible by 6. Besides them, the momentous character can wear 2, 7, 8 and 9. For example, the marriage described to date, can really be strong and durable.

2. Aquarians. The element of air makes people more violent and makes a particular angle to look at ordinary things. In this case, to maintain the desired balance of the numbers 9, 11 and 13. According to astrologers, you can play the lottery on the same numbers – the chance of winning is very high.

3. Gemini. In this case, the happiness numbers are threes and fours. Representatives of the specified character is very important to know that their loved and appreciated. 3 and 4 it can help in establishing a love sphere.

Lucky numbers in 2017 to the element of Fire

1. Lions. The majority of all the representatives of specified annual sign are considered to be strong, confident and purposeful individuals. However, they all pay attention to a variety of mystical symbols, among which a tribute is also magic numbers. For lions lucky numbers is considered to be 3, 8, 13, and all numbers divisible by 3.

2. Archers. For most representatives of this sign, the lucky number is 7. In addition to her success brings 8 and 13, or their various combinations.

3. Aries. For people born under this sign capricious, favorable life there are numbers 4, 7, 9. Thanks to the described values will be able to easily find the hidden talents of the Rams, realizing their creative potential.

Favorable numbers in 2017 for members of the Earth element

1. Taurus. For these brave people do a happy number of life can be called 2, 4 and all other numbers are multiples of 6. To verify the success of the described values, it is enough to check them out. For example, assign a date that matches your lucky number, a date or a business meeting, and just look at the result. Believe me, it will surprise you.

2. Capricorns. People born under this sign can only curb 3, 5, 7 and 8. By themselves, the Capricorn is a very sensitive personality, which is easy to believe a word in the belief of the astrologers concerning the importance of the number of life. If they really believe that an abstract concept has a magical power, their life will begin to change for the better right before our eyes.

3. Virgo. So impressionable and sensitive natures should remember that the success in their life corresponds to 3, 7 and all possible combinations of these values. By the way, if soon some momentous event or decision, one should not reject the opinion of the numerology regarding the specific date of their adoption.

In conclusion, it only remains to add that the numbers really will bring success only in case when we will not just rely on them, and start to believe in their power to achieve specifically this goal.