These people who have never drunk alcohol (or almost)

News 1 February, 2018

    Michael Labranche

    Thursday, 1 February 2018 06:00

    Thursday, 1 February 2018 06:00

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    Then began the challenge “28 days without alcohol” of the Fondation Jean Lapointe, it may be difficult to believe that some people have never consumed alcohol (or most) of their lives. Yet, these people liver pure do exist and we have spoken to three of them.

    And you can be certain of, Deny, Claude and Dave are not unhappy, quite the contrary!

    Deny Poirier, 60 years

    Deny rumored to have taken 13 beers in 1974… and have then been sick for three days! It was his first cooked, and likely his last.

    And yet, to Deny, has had many opportunities to consume alcohol since it is… bouncer in a bar. “I have the opportunity to drink every night, me, here! he confides. I do security, it is necessary that I am at 100 %. I do not accept that a [member] of the security does that, then, me, I have to give the example by starting. I tell people who want me to pay for something : “Pay me a bottle of water and it’s going to be okay!” “

    He states that he has not been raised in an environment that was conducive to the consumption of alcohol. It was a sportsman, and, according to him, growing up in the Îles-de-la-Madeleine was not conducive to the consumption of alcohol.

    In addition to his education and his sporting habits, there is a simple reason for sobriety to Deny. He did not like the taste of alcoholic beverages.

    “I’ll take a bottle of beer or a bottle of wine… The smell throws me to the heart! “The only alcoholic drink which he likes the smell is the Baileys,” but there’s alcohol in it. I’m going to eat a cake in the black forest and I’m going to detect the small matter of alcohol. “

    Deny, on the other hand, never took drugs and never touched the cigarette. It does not appeal either. “I do not stay with the gang who were doing drugs or things of the same. When I arrived to Quebec, I started working… since, in my youth, I had not been there, it continued after. “

    Deny is probably the only person in the world who “loves” the roadblocks. When it is necessary to renew friends, he raises his hand. “Even if it makes me a detour, it makes me happy! “

    The 60-year old man says he doesn’t need to drink to have fun “. He takes shots with people, but it asks the server to fill her glass of soft drink. “I’ve got my stuff, but they know it. Everyone that I know knows that I don’t drink. I hit the glass on the table as the others! “

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    Deny Poirier

    Claude Tremblay, 61 years

    The history of Deny, like that of Claude. “I didn’t like it, I didn’t like the taste. It has not done. I was in sports all the time and I could take as I would have liked, but I’ve never taken. I don’t like the taste.”

    It has already taken a beer… to give pleasure to a friend! “Once, I took a beer, because there’s one of my buddies, in an evening, who told me : “Hey! tastes so it.” Then, I said to him : “I am going to organize it.” It took two seconds and I’ve never tried them. And here it is!”

    When you don’t drink, the people around us may sometimes be insistent. This moment is a good example for Claude. “The opportunity I had to take one, it is because of that! To force to make me tanner… All my buddies were, and I do not take.”

    It ensures that they always have respected her choice and that it has never interfered with his social life. “I’m a guy funny, I make jokes, I count all sorts of business stories, it was like that!”

    The one who has never smoked, no longer indicates that it has often put his hat on the designated driver. “When we had parties and they were in need of a driver, it was me. It, I was never bothered.”

    “I take maybe two small cans of Pepsi a day… That is my vice!”

    Dave Horth, 41 years

    “I never liked the taste. I had a friend who had said to me : “the More you’ll drink, the more you’re going to love it.”” But Dave Horth has never “enjoyed it”.

    Dave plays softball in the summer, and, of course, the opportunities to drink are waiting for you. However, his teammates respect his choice not to take a beer after the game. “Each part, it alternates between the players to buy the case of beer… but it is always necessary that there is a can of Pepsi!”

    Dave was almost in a state of intoxication only once, to his prom. “My parents had bought a bottle of champagne. This is the only time that I have spent close.”

    Even if he admits that, the more young, he left earlier when he and his friends were going out in bars, it has all the same fun in the evenings when people drink around him.

    Precisely, this summer, at a party, he remained until the end of the feast, and then was re-appointed several of his friends. “I made the run of milk! I had friends who lived in Beauport, Lac-Beauport, and on the South Shore of Quebec city: I arrived home at 6 am in the morning!”

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    Dave Horth