They are financing their weight loss

News 13 July, 2017
  • Caroline Lepage

    Friday, 14 July, 2017 00:08

    Friday, 14 July, 2017 00:08

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    DRUMMONDVILLE | Of people struggling with a overweight decide to eat less to allow the poor to eat their fill.

    The food bank Drummond is currently holding a contest for original to raise funds. He asks people who want to lose weight to sponsor each book they undertake to lose.

    In this way, they are motivated to eat less so that the poor eat more.

    The idea first came to Stéphane Renaud, in 2014, when he was over 40 lbs to lose.

    Therefore, he proposed to his friends to pay him money for each book that he would eliminate.

    “There are those who have given me up to $ 7 per pound lost”, ” he says.

    He promised to return the money collected to the food bank Drummond, which distributes food to people in need in the region of Drummondville.

    Donation of $1000

    Photo courtesy Caroline Lepage

    Stéphane Renaud poses prior to and after weight reduction. It has lost more than 40 pounds, which allowed him to give$ 1000 to the food bank of Drummondville.

    Mr. Renaud had already had to resort to food assistance during an off-peak period of his life.

    “I wanted to give back,” shares he.

    Involving loved ones in his weight loss has motivated him to eat better and less, move more. These simple changes to his lifestyle have quickly managed to achieve a healthy weight, that it has since maintained.

    “The people I watched and it was good for my pride,” he says with a smile.

    When Mr. Renaud has handed over the 1000 $ that it has raised through its weight loss, the Counter was impressed. The organization has launched the “Belly gifts” and invited other volunteers to lose weight by helping those who do not have enough to eat.

    Currently, one of the participants, Chantal Jourbarne, is supported financially and psychologically by a dozen sponsors. They are sponsoring the 20 books she has committed to lose, the benefit of the organization.

    “To my knowledge, there are no other similar competitions in Quebec,” says Nathalie Belletête, executive director of the Counter.


    “It is such a beautiful concept ! I help and am helped…”, exclaims Ms. Jourbarne.

    “I lost 8,8 pounds in two months. I feel the benefits of my weight loss. I’m starting to feel beautiful “, expresses it.

    With more than 40 books in less, Mr. Renaud feels better in his skin and more credible.

    “No one calls me over to “the big Stéphane,” “,, gives it as an example.

    He also said he was very pleased to have reduced her waist in helping her neighbour.