They buy wine to fight against an oil pipeline

News 8 February, 2018
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    Wednesday, 7 February, 2018 22:22

    Wednesday, 7 February 2018 22:24

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    MONTREAL | environmental activists have decided to oppose the pipeline project Trans Mountain, on Wednesday, supporting the vine-growers, british columbians, one bottle at a time.

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    On Tuesday, the first minister of Alberta, Rachel Notley, has imposed a moratorium on wines from British Columbia, to protest against the decision of this province to review the pipeline project for Kinder Morgan. Ms. Notley has argued that, by 2017, Albertans had purchased for approximately $ 70 million in wine from their neighbors.

    This decision has been seen by some as an unwarranted attack on grape growers have nothing to apologize for.

    Activists-ecologists have, therefore, been given an appointment in which different cities, including Montreal, in order to make full of wine. “The first minister Rachel Notley penalizes small producers of British Columbia for the benefit of a giant of the oil industry,” said Aurore Fauret, Coordinator of the campaign in Canada for in a press release.

    “The fight against climate change concerns us all. It is therefore, by solidarity with our compatriots in the West that we are engaged today and for responding to this boycott nonsense that we advance to anything,” said Anne-Céline Guyon of the common Front for the energy Transition.

    Concerns in Alberta

    There are some merchants that albertans are also worried about the boycott decreed against the wine. In an interview with the “Calgary Herald”, Peggy Perry, vice-president, purchasing and marketing for Willow Park Wine and Spirits, the largest retailer, private wine country, said to be “horrified”. “I think that about 50 % of the vineyards in the Okanagan valley, are the property of Albertans”, pointed out Ms. Perry.

    As Willow Park Wines the Commission of control of the alcohol and gaming Alberta have suggested daily, they have in reserves, wineries in british columbia-the colombian to be able to supply the restaurants for about a month.