They can’t take more trucks passing day and night

News 21 August, 2017
  • Photo Antoine Lacroix
    Luke Nesterenko and Marie-Josée Paquette are regularly rocks on their land because of the passages incessant truck from the quarry Démix that supply the construction of the Turcot interchange in Montreal.

    Antoine Lacroix

    Monday, 21 aug 2017 06:30

    Monday, 21 aug 2017 06:30

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    Citizens of a rural area of Varennes are fed up with trucks loaded with stones which spend constantly, even in the middle of the night and on Saturdays, to fund the construction of the new Turcot interchange.

    A group of about 25 residents of the chemin de la Butte-aux-Foxes must be present today to the city council to recall their mayor “the hell in which they live since the beginning of the summer” because of the career Démix, ” said Richard Duff, head of the group of citizens, exasperated.

    “At the beginning, was entrusted to the City. Finally, we are told that there is nothing to do. Yet, in Saint-Jacques-le-Mineur, they have recently made a regulation to ban trucks during the night. Therefore, it was of questions to ask the mayor, ” said Mr. Duff, who wishes that such a regulation be adopted in its city.

    In July, an application for interim injunction was filed in the Quebec superior Court against the City of Varennes and the three companies involved in the passage of trucks on the road, KPH Turcot, Bau-Val inc. and CRH Canada, because of the inconvenience.

    It was rejected, but a second injunction was filed. The cause has not yet been heard before the courts.

    “During this time, the career Démix makes money, but it is we – and our well-being – which pay for. And the City has the air of washing his hands, ” says Richard Duff.


    “800-900 trucks “

    During the visit of the Newspaper, it was flat calm on the way to the Butte-aux-Renards. In fact, Sunday is the only day of respite for the residents.

    “Monday at 6 p.m. until Friday midnight, it’s non-stop. On Saturday, it is from 7 to 17 h. This no longer livable. It goes from 800 to 900 trucks per day. It is a back-and-forth constant “, laments Mr. Duff, at the end of the nerves.

    Other residents consider that it is impossible to be quiet in their little end of the campaign, to the point that they wish to leave.

    On the weekends, several of them deserting the path of the Butte-aux-Renards in favor of cottages or campsites in order to have a respite from the trucks.

    “To us, this is not complicated, we want to get out of here ! There are couples who chicanent, but it comes out well. Every time I hear a truck, I become enraged, ” says Marie-Josée Paquette, in the company of his spouse Luke Nesterenko.

    “There’s nobody who would like to come here to live. We woke in the night due to the trucks, ” says Mr. Nesterenko, who is regularly on the ground, rocks falling from trucks.

    The couple request that their mayor Martin Damphousse, ” for the health of its citizens “.

    No peace

    The life of Caroline Morrison is put on pause every time a truck passes in front of it.

    “We’re trying to communicate. It is so strong that we must stop these conversations by the time the truck departs. […] You can’t even listen to the tv alone. In addition, the house vibrates. There was no stillness and no-one will get used never, ” says the mother of two children.

    She said not to invite anyone to the house and forbid his children to bike due to the passage of trucks.

    The mayor of Varennes and businesses affected by the injunction have not responded to our emails yesterday.