They face each of their cancer as a couple

News 16 December, 2017
  • Photo Catherine Montambeault
    Mariane Martin and Andrée-Anne Ouellet are inseparable since they met last summer during an expedition.

    Catherine Montambeault

    Friday, December 15, 2017 19:36

    Friday, December 15, 2017 19:36

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    Two young Montrealers are facing one of the greatest challenges that a couple may face, both struggling simultaneously against a virulent cancer.

    When Mariane Martin is nailed to the bed because of the excruciating pain that causes him to his illness, his wife asks him never to questions. On the contrary, Andrée-Anne Ouellet, exactly, his suffering, she who also lives with a tumor that is inoperable.

    At just 22 years old, the first has just learned that his malignant mesothelioma, a cancer that is extremely rare which had spread to his abdomen two years ago, has re-emerged. The second, aged 28, suffers from brain cancer since two years and a half.

    “It is soothing to have someone who understands what you are going through. It makes it a little lighter, ” says Mariane Martin looking at his wife with tenderness.

    The women met last summer during an expedition in Ottawa organized by the foundation On the tip of the foot for young people with cancer.

    “It immediately clicked,” recalled Mrs. Martin. We sat together on the bus and we talked for hours. “

    Three days after the end of the trip, the young woman left Gatineau, his hometown, to join her new friend in Montreal. A week later, she took up residence with her.

    “It happened quickly, because all the two, you have nothing to lose, argues Ms. Ouellet. With the experience that one has, when one has a connection with someone, one does not hesitate. “”Life is too short,” added her companion.

    Fear for the other

    Facing cancer as a couple has its advantages as disadvantages, find-they.

    “Given that we saw the two, one can speak of cancer as a whole without being heavy,” says Andrée-Anne Ouellet. There is no taboo. “

    But in addition to fearing for their own lives, the two women must also live with the fear of losing the person that is the most expensive. In fact, they entrust both worry more for their partner than for themselves.

    “Me, I don’t really think to die, but she… I know she is fragile “, managed to articulate Ms. Ouellet, tears streaming down his cheeks.

    Medical Cannabis

    As the two Montreal-based are not able to work, at least full-time, they find it difficult to make ends meet.

    Andrée-Anne Ouellet manages to perform a few contracts like hiring of sound, while Mariane Martin has had to abandon her studies to become a paralegal.

    In addition to not having to pay, the latter must acquire approximately $ 500 of medical cannabis per month to relieve his pain.

    “Since I had my diagnosis, I was prescribed up to 17 narcotics,” says Ms. Martin. I have developed an addiction and it gave me a ton of side effects. Since I only use cannabis, I feel I am finally revives, but this is not reimbursed by insurance. “

    The couple has launched a campaign sociofinancement entitled “Help us to overcome our cancer” on the site GoFundMe.