They run after their wedding memories

News 19 August, 2017
  • Benoît Philie

    Friday, 18 August, 2017 22:32

    Saturday, 19 August, 2017 00:04

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    Of the Residents that have paid out nearly $ 8,000 to have the memories of their marriage continued, the photographer, that would still not handed over the videos and the photo album three years after their union.

    Jennifer Nehmé and Billy Mark filed a lawsuit against the company 333 Design Studio Inc. for 7700 $, the amount they have paid out to have a photo gallery, a USB key with the pictures of their wedding, and a video montage.

    According to the terms of the contract signed with the owner of the company, Jeffrey Belle, married couples were to receive all of their memories about two months after having exchanged their vows in mid-June 2014.

    The couple is said to have received the said USB key with all of the photos, but it still has to this day never had access to the album or the video promised in the contract, one can read in the documents of the court.

    “In addition, we can’t even make our video by another videographer as he is in possession of all the material the day of our wedding,” they added in the complaint.

    The couple say they also be stubborn to a maze of communications involving many people working at 333 Design & Photo Studio.

    Months of follow-up

    After months of follow-up with the company over a period of more than a year, the couple finally received an email in march 2015 informing them that their video was ready to be viewed and they had to pay the remaining $ 900 to their contract, despite the delay.

    No news and still no photo album two years later, the couple decided to send a letter of demand, beginning of June. Mr. Belle has finally contacted the bride and the groom on the 19th of June last.

    “[It was communicated] with us to tell us that it will end one day give us our album and video without any specific commitment on his part and that he is ready to do not ask for the $ 900 we owe him, ” said the couple, who refuses his offer.

    The business of Mr. Nice operate under several names, such as E-Com Studio, Photography Beautiful, 333 Photo & Design, and Positive Pictures. The photographer is not his first trouble with the law.

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