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News 14 January, 2018
  • Photo By Annabelle Blais
    Jean-Félix Cloutier would like to open up a dispensary. Party in Montreal, he traveled to Vancouver specifically for the Lift Cannabis Expo in the hope to learn more about the industry and the business opportunities.

    Annabelle Blais

    Saturday, 13 January, 2018 23:12

    Saturday, 13 January, 2018 23:12

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    VANCOUVER | the chocolate retired to the construction worker passing by an agronomist, a graduate of McGill, people of all backgrounds very different to converge to the industry of cannabis, where thousands of jobs will be filled.

    The Lift Cannabis Expo, which takes place throughout the weekend in Vancouver, held a job fair that attracted many visitors Saturday. Some speak here of rush for the green gold.

    Only an hour after the opening of the doors, Cannabis at Work, the recruitment agency completely dedicated to jobs in the cannabis, had received a fifty cv.

    Gayle Marles, a young retired 60 year old who lives in Toronto, has done more than 3000 km to provide services to a company that specializes in edible products that will be legalised, them, in 2019.

    Photo By Annabelle Blais

    Gayle Marles kitchen of the chocolate cannabis for people
    to be suffering.

    She trained as a chocolate maker and then, there is a year and a half ago, a friend of infringement of multiple sclerosis asked him to cook the chocolate to the pot to relieve his chronic pain. Ms. Marles has completed an online course from the University of British Columbia, and the kitchen for her chocolate, which she sells only to those who are suffering. “My children think it is funny that their mother’s cooking with cannabis “, she says with a laugh.

    Graduates required

    Stephanie Ostrander, coordinator of recruitment for Cannabis at Work, says that the job market in the industry of cannabis has aroused a great enthusiasm, but it is still necessary to have the desired profile.

    “To grow pot, it is one thing, but to grow on a large scale in a highly regulated framework requires serious training “, she insists.

    Studies in horticulture or in chemical engineering are an asset. For example, David Bernard Perron holds a master’s degree in organic Agriculture from McGill University.

    “I didn’t study agriculture to work in the industry of the cannabis, but after my studies, I am left in the West and I had an opportunity for a licensed producer” says the one who today occupies the post of vice-president of operations for Green Organic Dutchman, an ontario producer.

    Among the in-demand skills, we find controllers in terms of quality, coordinators of social media and cultivators of cannabis.

    Jean-Félix Cloutier, a construction worker in Quebec, crossed the country to learn more about the jobs in the industry. “I would especially like to open my own dispensary, I’m more of an entrepreneur,” he says.

    But in Quebec, only the government will be able to sell cannabis. Mr. Cloutier does not exclude the possibility of moving to the West to start a business. “There are a lot more opportunities in the West. People are much more free to innovate here. “

    But Cannabis at Work intends to develop partnerships with producers from quebec and recruit from us within a month.


    A lubricant to THC

    Photo Courtesy

    Miss Envy Botanicals, a company based in Vancouver, clearly on the diversification. In addition to biscuits for animals, she has also developed a range of erotic named CannaSutra. In addition to oil massage, you can find a lubricant that contains THC. According to some consumers encountered on site, this lubricant ensures that orgasms longer and more intense for the ladies. No product containing THC cannot be sold at the conference, the clients have therefore to fall back on samples of biscuit for dog.

    Small treats for dog anxiety

    Photo By Annabelle Blais

    Among all the ranges of products you find here, products for animals are very present this year. Dog Biscuits, ointments and oils to be ingested, there is all kinds of things to help your pooch to heal her arthritis or her anxiety. These products do not contain THC, but rather the CBD, so no danger of finding Rex completely frozen on the couch.

    Equipment lab

    Photo By Annabelle Blais

    A seal of dried cannabis is far from being the only way to consume pot. Science has decidedly invested in the industry. These laboratory equipment that can be sold to individuals allow to extract the oil from the cannabis and even to separate the various components such as THC and CBD. The THC is the hallucinogenic substance of the plant, while CBD, or Cannabidiol has therapeutic virtues, according to some studies. The cannabis oil is thus found in a wide range of edible products (biscuits, ointments, capsules, etc).

    A few figures

    200 : the number of exhibitors at the Lift Cannabis Convention

    10 000 : the number of participants at the congress scheduled for this weekend

    5 : the number of kiosks outside of the Vancouver Convention Centre on the sidelines of the event, have sold the cannabis (these sellers is illegal but tolerated by the city were not involved in the Lift Cannabis Expo).

    1 : it was a smoking room for those who hold a prescription for medical cannabis

    86 : the number of producers of cannabis allowed in Canada

    6 : the number of licensed producers in Quebec.

    Two new producers in the northern part of the crown were authorized on Friday, IsoCanMed inc. and Agro-Biotech.