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Entertainment, Techno 13 July, 2017


The columnist Thierry Moreau had surprised the entire team of TPMP as well as the viewers when last may, he had definitively left the tv show. Today, he explains.

His departure had the effect of a bomb. Thierry Moreau, a columnist of Button not to my post on C8 since 2010, announced his departure from the program in full live last may. “Tonight, this is my last issue of Touch not my post, I’m going to leave TPMP permanently “, he said without moving other reasons. It was lifted, had embraced the presenter Cyril Hanouna remained mouth béé, before leaving the tray.

The journalist editor-in-chief of Télé 7 jours, is back on his adventure within the team of TPMP, delivering the reasons of his brutal departure to Twenty Magazine. The columnist had planned this announcement for a month, but in the face of the “beautiful declaration of love ” to Cyril Hanouna at the 1000th issue, it was down to maturity. The turning point arrived in full direct : “When I knew that I was going to be in the chair, I told myself that it was time. I wanted to stay in control of this end, to avoid it becoming the subject of a programme. I didn’t want to stage my departure. I have tried to be as sober as possible. I left the tray, I got in my car and I returned home.”

Thierry Moreau has left TPMP but no regrets : “It has been an amazing adventure, I think that I will not stay no it professionally in the course of my life […] , These seven years have been exceptional, I do not deny anything. No regrets. And no regret to no longer be party. “As Capucine Anav, the chronicler of his own head, and turns a page in his career.

Thierry Moreau

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