Thieves escape a fortune by taking the leak

News 20 August, 2017
  • Photo Agence QMI, Pascal Girard
    Of suitcases filled with jewelry, perfume bottles, make-up (right) and other luxury products have been found in the parking lot of Carrefour Laval after they fell of the vehicle used by the authors of the volume

    Vincent Larin

    Saturday, 19 August 2017 23:06

    Sunday, 20 August, 2017 00:17

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    Of thieves who were fleeing the store, The Bay Carrefour Laval after having burglarized Saturday in the middle of the night, missed a fortune in goods in the parking lot because the back door of their truck would have been badly closed.

    The value of the objects recovered, including luxury watches, perfume bottles and jewelry, would be 300,000 to $ 500,000, according to the police of Laval, who brought them back to the store.

    They were in a couple of suitcases also stolen from the store ; each one, therefore, could contain several tens of thousands of dollars of stolen goods.

    They were scattered about 200 meters to the exit of the parking lot of the shopping center, along highway 15.

    It is not known if other objects were still in the truck, and the employees of The Bay were still in the inventory of stolen property Saturday.

    According to our information, the security alarm was not triggered, which could explain that the burglars had ample time to put the stolen items in the suitcases and then into the truck.

    A call placed to 911 around 3: 30 p.m. for a breaking and entering was however forced to flee at full speed, what they have done, apparently, without having to close the rear door of the cube van where they had placed their loot.

    More of a suspect are sought by police, who did not rule out the hypothesis that they may have been more numerous.

    The objects found on the road could potentially help police find the suspects, if they discover fingerprints or hair, for example.

    “More found objects, the greater the chances of establishing the genetic profile of one of the suspects,” says the lieutenant of the police of Laval Geneviève Villemure.

    The store was able to reopen around 11 a.m. Saturday morning, when the police had finished analyzing the crime scene.

    The criminals, however, have been for several thousands of dollars worth of damage by breaking the main door and the shelves.

    Saturday evening, the suspects were still at large.

    “Not geniuses “

    The police tries to collect clues that could help find the thieves.

    “In the parking lot of the Carrefour Laval, there’s a hotel, the Sheraton. People might have seen something, ” says Geneviève Villemure.

    “These are not geniuses of the crime,” says Claude Aubin, former sergeant-detective of the Montreal police.

    “This flight does not bear the mark of street gangs, who prefer the sale of drugs or prostitution, which are much less risky “, he says.

    According to him, it is very likely that at least one of the thieves, the store Bay has already worked.

    “This is a classic case : the guy is committing a few months to make the identification, perhaps even that he was able to have the access to the alarm system “, he explains.

    Sold abroad

    The goods subtilisée could be hidden and then resold in shops loan on a pledge, or put into containers at a destination abroad, writes Claude Aubin.

    Asked about the security measures put in place at the Carrefour Laval during the night, a person in charge of the company Cadillac Fairview, which manages the building, said he did not want to comment as to not interfere with the police investigation.

    Any person who has information about this burglary can communicate anonymously with the investigators of the police of Laval at (450) 662-4636.