Thieves in series in luxury residences: the SPVM pin 12 suspects

News 19 December, 2017
  • QMI agency

    Tuesday, 19 December 2017 12:14

    Tuesday, 19 December 2017 12:16

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    The Montreal police believe they have “a body blow” to a criminal organization that is at the origin of more than 130 break and enters and thefts in the luxury residences in the last few months.

    According to the authorities, the leaders of the network would have done their dirty work by people who have a “precarious status in Canada and foreign visitors, for example”.

    “Since June of 2016, a major wave of break-ins at private residences and luxury shops had going to Montreal, mainly in the districts of the south, north and west of the island. The first elements of surveys collected have allowed police to link these events between them and target the authors, is an organized group of individuals with origins in south american,” said the Montreal police in a press release.

    Through various investigative techniques, police have recently been able to carry out nine searches and 12 arrests in Montreal, Boucherville and Laval.

    The police were able to link the dozen individuals to a series of more than 130 break and enters and thefts in the metropolitan area.

    What’s more, some of the suspects pinned would also be connected to a spectacular theft of truck transport of values that occurred some time ago in the Toronto area.

    Among the 12 people arrested, seven of them have recently appeared before the Court of Québec, Mario Stephano Guillerno Astudillo Olivares, 26 years old, Hans Leonardo Llanquinao Gonzalez, 37 years, Carlos Mendez, a 40-year-old, Enrique Felipe Mendez, 24 years old, Luis Tito Parades Pinedo, 51 years old, Simon Perez, 50 years old, and Hugo David Ruiz Santibanez, 41 years of age.

    They face a variety of charges, including break and enter, theft over $ 5,000 and conspiracy.