Thieves who have no heart

News 26 March, 2018
  • Photo agence qmi, Guy Martel
    On this image, one sees the police in front of the offices of the organization Agape, in the Beauport sector, Sunday. The agents have been able to bring back the stolen items.

    Arnaud Koenig-Soutière

    Sunday, 25 march 2018 22:35

    Sunday, 25 march 2018 22:35

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    Once more, a charitable organization has been the target of thieves to Quebec.

    It is Mutual Agape, which has been referred to, Sunday afternoon, at Beauport, while individuals would have been surprised to steal donations.

    The criminals would have been hunted down by the police, and then arrested. The agents were later repatriated the stolen items.

    This is the second time in exactly a week that donations to the organization are stolen. A man 39-year-old was left with several bags of donations, last Sunday, before it is stopped by the police.

    “Always been a problem “

    “It is every day that people come to us to pillage. It has always been a problem, ” said, in the beginning of the week, the director-general, self-help Agape, Daniel Régimbal.

    Assistance Agape resells donations of clothing and accessories in her shop. The income gained by the organization to finance then much of their food bank. This serves in particular to Christmas baskets and other organizations in food security in the region.

    Frequent flights

    M. Régimbal says that the flights have a harsh impact on the vitality of the body.

    “Our sales have decreased greatly. This has a direct impact on our mission, ” he laments.

    It is now recommended to the donors to deposit their articles into containers identified and on commercial sites.

    The Salvation Army had also been in trouble with criminals. On the eve of Christmas, the organization made a steal of $ 3000 to its safe, on the boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel.

    An outpouring of generosity had subsequently helped the organization raise over $ 32 000. The restaurant Portofino, as well as the artist John Gaudreau had alone collected nearly $ 10,500. The Salvation Army has immediately taken the opportunity to strengthen its security in order to protect themselves in front of this wave of thefts of concern.

    — With the collaboration of Catherine Bouchard