Things able your SMARTPHONE

Techno 23 March, 2018

2018-03-23 22:05

Things able your SMARTPHONE
Which you don’t know!.

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Today, the smartphone and other gadgets have become an integral part of our lives. We use them to communicate with loved ones, watch movies, listen to music, play games. And, it seems that we have examined your smartphone inside and out. But there are some important functions of a smartphone, which you didn’t know. But your smartphone is a real storehouse of interesting features and various useful options, reports Rus.Media.

Hidden functions of the smartphone

1. Black Wallpaper save battery consumption

Each of us are faced with an unpleasant situation, when the phone battery is discharged at the most unexpected moment.

Some options help to save battery consumption. For example, if instead of a bright or colored Wallpapers for your mobile you install a simple black background, turned off auto backlight pixels.

So you extend the battery life of your gadget. You will find that a mobile phone or tablet will work longer without recharging.

Practice has shown an increase in the time the phone is about 20-30 percent, if the screen is always on.

This feature applies to the so-called OLED-displays, which are equipped with many models of Samsung.

If you don’t know what type of display on your mobile phone, ask for a hint to the search engine: just enter the brand of phone features – display type and find out which type you have.

2. Remote control via smartphone

Just go to Settings -> Security -> device Administrators and check the boxes next to the option device Manager Android.

Remotely locate the device, allow remote lock and deletion. Now, in case you lose your smartphone, you can easily detect, block, no lost data.

3. Control your phone with a movement of his

Sometimes there are situations when you need to use a smartphone, but your hands are busy or they are dirty or on the street so cold that there is no desire to remove your gloves to press the keys.

What to do in such cases? There is a solution!

You just need to install on your smartphone a free app EVA Facial Mouse, which is suitable for any Android device.

With this simple app, you can manage your mobile phone using simple motions of your head.

4. Secret video

Sometimes a situation may arise when you need to make a video, but this one didn’t.

You can use the iPhone. So, follow the following instructions: to lock the screen then turn the camera on, a simple click and touch toes to lift the curtain up.

Switch to video mode, start recording. It is important to keep the display of the half-blocked, and then 3 times click on the Home button.

You must wait until the screen completely turns off. That’s all, shooting has already begun.

5. Badoo (People nearby)

It is always interesting to know what kind of people surround you at the moment. Who are they, what are their names, what they age and, of course, what they are interested in?

For example, you see in a cafe or just on the street an attractive girl or a cute guy. However, the approach will dare not everyone.

What if you could leave a message that person, or respond to any photograph.

For such situations there is a Badoo. It identifies people who are close to you.

A good example of how the application works: set limit “from 20 to 25 years” and see what gives us the search engine. Then I look at the photos and choose the one that is the one that caught our attention.

If desired, pictures can be like, send the user a smiley face, and the most daring can even send a message.

If the object of your affection will respond to your message, you strike up a conversation, and after that you can not be afraid to assign a real date.

It should be noted that this is a free app that works on all platforms. You can download it as on Android and iOS and even Windows Phone.

6. Access to private messages

Many of us are confronted with the fact that regularly receive many different messages. This is because our smartphones have huge number of applications.

However, most of these messages can safely be considered spam, as they are absolutely unnecessary and useless.

As a rule, unnecessary messages you immediately close, but sometimes it is enough one careless movement, to remove or close an important message, which is then difficult to find.

In such cases, you will help app Past Notifications. With its help, you can easily see the closed message.

This app gives the option to delete the selected message or make unnecessary programs in the black list, and unnecessary messages mark as spam.

So you will be less distracted by messages that are completely useless.

7. Function Text-to-Speech

Not only can you read some article, but to listen to it, if you own an Android device.

So, if you don’t want to strain your eyes and prefer to listen to input and not to see it, go to Settings -> Accessibility and simply turn on Text-to-Speech.

8. The intensification of guest mode

If you have any situation when you need to convey to your smartphone for temporary use to another person, but you don’t want your phone someone dug, you can activate guest mode.

With its help, you will maintain personal data in a confidential mode. Just swipe down with two fingers and tap the user icon in the upper right corner. After this manipulation, on the screen you should see the icon “Add guest” and you choose which actions will be implemented by the person controlling your smartphone.

9. Screen magnifier

A real lifesaver for people with poor eyesight will be a screen magnifier.

Many do not even realize how this feature can be useful. Just go to Settings -> Accessibility -> magnification Gestures. And all you can increase any part of the display simply by tapping on this screen magnifier.

10. The “hot spots”

You no longer need to buy a separate 3G modem or router for Internet use on different devices, because your smartphone easily cope with the task.

Go to Settings -> Modem and transferred the access point, activate the access point Portable WLAN. You’re done!

11. Secret game

Since Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Google has created a little surprise for its users. However, to reveal this little secret is not so simple.

Here is a step by step instruction on how to do it:

First go to “Settings” and select “About phone” or “About tablet” (the surprise is, on the smartphone and the tablet). Quickly tap the Android version several times, and when you have small marshmallows, quickly press again, the screen should open a special mini-game, such a nice little gift to the users.

Well, how did you find her?