Thirty of partnerships in Québec-China

News 22 January, 2018
  • Photo from the archives, Stevens LeBlanc
    Quebec has expertise in green technology to export, has assured the prime minister Philippe Couillard during the economic mission in China.

    Patrick Bellerose

    Monday, 22 January 2018 08:15

    Monday, 22 January 2018 08:15

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    BEIJING | The economic mission headed by Philippe Couillard in China made Monday the signing of a thirty partnerships between companies or universities in quebec and their vis-à-vis the chinese.

    The whole thing should be translated into investments and direct sales totaling $ 239 million, in addition to creating over a hundred jobs in Quebec.

    The company Enerkem has in particular ratified an agreement worth $ 125 million to create a joint venture with the Chinese Sinobioway Group, which will allow the creation of a hundred biofuel plants in China by 2035.

    Based in Sherbrooke, Enerkem specializes in the transformation of household waste into ethanol, a product that enters into the composition of automobile fuel. “We just replace the landfill, in addition to creating a biofuel “, points out Marie-Hélène Labrie, senior vice-president within the company.

    If the company of around 200 people provides especially the technology in the framework of this agreement, the agreement will also have implications for many québec suppliers, since the components used to create the plants will be manufactured in Quebec.

    Green Technologies

    Another company green technology, HRST Industries, has also entered into a partnership with Kingpen, which allows the use of water beads for water treatment in greenhouses chinese, in addition to the possibility to commercialize the technology in more than 40 countries.

    Quebec has expertise in green technology to export, provides the prime minister Philippe Couillard. Already in his first economic mission in China in 2014, the delegation of green businesses was that, “to which the Chinese had the most interest,” he says, highlighting the significant challenges of water quality and air facing the country.


    A pioneer among québec companies in China, the manufacturer of the organ Casavant has also signed an agreement that will lead to the design of the pipe organ of the future concert hall of the philharmonic Orchestra of China in Beijing.

    The firm is already present in the churches of the country, but the association with the philharmonic orchestra is a turning point for the company. “This will be a room which is very important in China “, points out Jean-Luc Hébert, senior vice-president at Casavant.