Thirty “uncontrollable” vandalize shops and cars in Hamilton

News 4 March, 2018
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    Sunday, march 4 2018 14:47

    Sunday, march 4 2018 14:49

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    HAMILTON | thirty people dressed in black and masked ransacked the shop windows of shops and cars in Hamilton, Ontario, Saturday evening.

    Carrying a banner stating “we are the uncontrollable”, the group of vandals threw stones, eggs and smoke bombs on shops and cars. A first estimate figure of the amount of damages at about $ 100,000, said the police to the local newspaper The Hamilton Spectator.

    According to the Hamilton police, two officers were first called to intervene in order to harm just before 22 h. The patrol boats have, however, had to retreat and call in reinforcements as they were greeted by stones thrown by the protesters.

    Carmela Oliverio, who was in a restaurant, had a ringside seat to attend the event. “Suddenly, between 25 and 30 people dressed up like ninjas and went down the street with this huge banner and fireworks […] It was scary”, she entrusted to the Spectator.

    Finally, thirty police officers intervened to stop the wave of harm. Reinforcements arrived, the vandals had fled. Several of them have abandoned their clothes, which have been recovered and will be analyzed by the investigators.

    The police told the local newspaper that it was investigating a possible link between this event and the holding of a fair devoted to books anarchist who was being held in a high school during the end of the week.

    No suspect has been arrested at the end of the evening. The Hamilton police has opened an investigation to try to identify the participants and the organisers of the event.