“This is a time bomb that pipe there”

News 5 December, 2016

canal– Several Greenpeace activists gathered in eastern Montreal on Monday to denounce the first anniversary of the overthrow of the pipeline Enbridge 9B.

Greenpeace prevents a tanker to refuel! (7:21) Interview with Michael Rioux, activist
Published Monday, December 5, 2016 in Dutrizac
With Benoît Dutrizac
“This morning we are going to occupy the oil terminal that is the end of the pipeline Enbridge line 9B. We climbers who are on two loading towers used for loading tankers. We, we are in kayaks on the water between two inked oil. We were also women who were blocking access to the oil terminal, “said Michael Rioux, environmental activist from Greenpeace.

“Over the past year there have been 60 excavations that were made. We have people who went in the excavations and there are at greatness welds. This is a time bomb that pipe then we Enbridge. This is just denounce today. And we just send a clear message to the government that Trudeau oil sands pipeline, it will not pass either in Quebec or elsewhere in Canada, “suggests the Quebec activist.

According to Greenpeace, this pipeline threatens drinking water for two million people. In Quebec, 300 towns opposed.

“The people of Montreal do not know, but if there is a leak in the Ottawa River, it would evacuate the island of Montreal within 15 hours because people will lack drinking water. It would be a disaster because we can not allow three million people, “he said.