“This is not a suicide, it is an accident “: the Death of Ludovic Chancel, a friend of the son of Sheila testifies Gala

Entertainment, Techno 13 July, 2017


The testimonies follow one another since the death of Ludovic Chancel, on the 7th of July last. One of her friends just to make new revelations in the magazine Closer : he would not have spoken to his mother Sheila for 7 years, and was ” absolutely not in a suicidal tendency “.

What to believe now ? While the death of Ludovic Chancel has mainly been presented as a suicide, one of her friends entrust now the magazine Closer that the son of Sheila was very far from thinking about put an end to his days. On the contrary, he would have even had the eye turned towards the future, the head filled with dreams for his future.

There is still one week, it was in the evening. It was very well, and this is not a suicide, writes Sabrine Fraty to the magazine Closer. It is an accident. Ludovic had a lot of projects (…) It was definitely not in a suicidal tendency “. The personality complex and fragile of Ludovic Chancel, therefore, would have been more peaceful in recent years, to the point that it end its days would have been unthinkable to believe her friend. Best, the son of Sheila would have managed to overcome all of his addictions (he referred to the drugs and alcohol in his autobiography, Son of, published in 2005) : “It no longer touched anything. All of that was really from the past “.


Sabrine Fraty also ensures that Ludovic Chancel was angry with his mother Sheila, ” that he had not seen for seven years. Anger, who lived with him, the singer who expressed his sorrow in an open letter, with the words of a mother overwhelmed by the death of his son.

Ludovic Chancel

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