“This is retirement, it is free”

News 10 February, 2018
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    Pierre Desjardins in front of the entrance to Zion national Park, in south-western Utah in the United States, famous for its canyon with steep red cliffs.

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    Saturday, 10 February, 2018 00:00

    Saturday, 10 February, 2018 00:00

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    Pierre Desjardins, 67, spends peaceful days in her tidy home in Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson in the Laurentians. He took advantage of the freedom offered by retirement to plan trips with old friends and taking photos, his hobby of choice.

    Pierre Desjardins has spent the majority of his career in the field of photographic laboratories. “I was passing the products of the chemical laboratories needed to develop the photos, in all of eastern Canada. The company was later bought by Fuji “, ” he says. This work led him to travel extensively and see the country.

    But after 25 years of a career in this field, feeling that the film camera was in decline, he has changed his gun to the shoulder. “I launched my own business of medical imaging devices. This has worked very well and then I took my retirement two years ago “, he explains.

    Build with his hands

    Photo courtesy

    Mr. Desjardins to the back of the house that he built and enlarged itself, at Sainte-Marguerite – du-Lac-Masson

    Very active, Pierre Desjardins is not the type to stand by and do nothing for very long. Do-it-yourselfer and resourceful, he built his land and installing terraces around her house, which he built with his own hands. “I built it as I was amassing the money needed,” he argued.

    In his workshop, he devoted himself also to the joinery and made frames to highlight the photos. “I gradually equipped with equipment like digital cameras. It is still quite expensive and I buy little by little. For a good target, you can pay easily for $ 800 or $ 900, ” says-t it.

    He photographs landscapes, but it also tries the portraits. It made to develop the most beautiful shots, the frames, and then installs them on his walls or the offer to his loved ones or his friends. “I’m not looking to sell, it is just a hobby,” he says.

    Travel with friends and photography

    It was during his travels that Pierre Desjardins takes the most photos. “Last year, I went to Idaho Falls, Idaho, Usa, to photograph the solar eclipse. Since this location is close to the Yellowstone national Park, I took the opportunity to go and visit.

    In total, I’m gone for about three weeks, I said to myself : “I will return when I come back…” This is retirement, it is free ! , “it.

    It reviews at least once a year a band of old friends, met when he was a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York State, and some of whom live in the United States.

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    Mr. Desjardins has visited the Arches national Park, Utah.

    With them, it is not uncommon for it to do a few getaways. “One of them lives in Rochester and owns a motor vehicle. I went to join him and we went to visit another friend who lives in Las Vegas. We then crossed the parks of Utah, which are absolutely magnificent and awe-inspiring “, he notes.

    Her next trips ? Maybe Costa Rica or Panama. “Since I have no obligations, I can leave when I want. By planning ahead, you can do a lot to save, ” he says.

    How has he funded his retirement ?

    • Pierre Desjardins annuities government (90% of his income) in addition to a small pension fund for the period during which he worked for Fuji (10% of its income).
    • It also has a few investments that it manages itself and lets it grow without touching it.
    • Peter indicates that he lives comfortably with his $ 20,000 of income per year. “My needs have decreased a lot since I am retired. In addition, my house and my car are paid and I have no debt. I have a budget and I put money aside when I want to get me something, a trip, or a lens for my camera for example “, he explains.

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