This is the end for The Banker VAT after 12 seasons

Sport 4 November, 2016

lebanquierBad news for fans of the show The banker …

TVA announced today the end of the show the banker , after the six episodes that will air in 2017 and 12 seasons on the air. An announcement may toil more viewers followers of the concept …

Recall that in May, Julie Snyder had confided to Tout le monde en parle on his uncertain future in the TVA network.

The network’s decision would be based on economic considerations. The production quality and interest of viewers for the show are not in question, although the network has been a decrease in listening to the season and more significantly when distributing the last two seasons with an average audience of 1.6 million, while in 2007 she joined more than 2.1 million viewers. But listening data alone can not justify the renewal of an unprofitable program. VAT must now devote its financial resources to keep its audiences with unifying concepts and especially profit generators.

” While the issue of production costs Banker, 100% financed by TVA Group, are growing for the past 12 years, advertising revenue does not follow this trend, however, the opposite. It is with regret that we must announce that in these circumstances, we can not offer a thirteenth season of Banker to our viewers. Unfortunately, this decision was inevitable, especially in a context where TVA had to announce major cuts this week to allow it to adjust its cost structure to cope with the upheaval that saw our industry , “says France Lauzière, Vice President, Groupe TVA programming.

The TV season 2017 will allow us to see the last 6 episodes of the Banker, and, as of January 8. in particular will be addressed are the Baby Boom theme, Pets, Teens and 80s.

” We thank Julie Snyder, Stéphane Laporte and all the Banker of the production team for making live to viewers so many emotions during these twelve seasons ,” concluded France Lauzière.

Recall that the TVA network delivered lots worth nearly $ 15 million over the 138 programs already shown on air.