This is the time to cleaning up after the flood in Bécancour

News 15 January, 2018
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    Sunday, 14 January 2018 15:58

    Sunday, 14 January 2018 16:00

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    BÉCANCOUR | The time was in cleanup, Sunday, for the twenty residents of Bécancour, which had to be evacuated Saturday after the flooding of the river Bécancour.

    Saturday afternoon, the water rose in some places from 3 to 4 meters in a few hours, invading the basements of homes and streets. Although the water was withdrawn Sunday, which remained frozen due to the cold.

    Residents in the area by the flood are well aware of the threat of flooding that weighs each year on their remains. However, they were likely to have been surprised at this time of the year by the sudden nature of the flood yesterday, which occurred after the formation of an ice jam.

    One of the victims, Réjean Desrochers, is generally equipped to cope with floods. It has a normal duration of three pumps, but by bad luck, yesterday, there was only one that worked, and again, it has been sorrow and misery.

    “It was a torrent of ice that was coming down, told Mr. Desrochers. It dévalait the river to full capacity. A given time, it has stopped completely […]. And this is where it began to climb.”

    Another loss, Daniel Deshaies, was in the forefront of this “show” where the nature is unleashed and in which he would have liked never to attend. “The water rose just two inches [above] of the floor of the first level. The world thinks that it is just water, but in the background, it is a lot of mud, the mud is very fine which goes everywhere,” he explained.