This teacher of breakdance from Quebec was killed in a motorcycle accident in the Philippines

News 24 January, 2018
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    Jonathan Guillemette

    Catherine Bouchard

    Wednesday, 24 January 2018 14:19

    Wednesday, 24 January 2018 14:19

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    A pro of the dance in Quebec has tragically lost his life on 12 January in a motorcycle accident in the Philippines, in South East Asia.

    Jonathan Guillemette, 26 years old, was still in the Philippines with one of his friends, Nathael Simard. The two travelers had left Quebec on the eve of Christmas. They had to go to the country the end of last week.

    However, a week before entering the country, Jonathan, a native of Quebec, died in a road accident. “I don’t have all the details, but what is reported is a loss of control followed by a collision with a truck,” says Alain Guillemette, the father of Jonathan.

    It was the dance that gave the taste of the trip to the pro breakdance. “He won the competition and the prize was to go to other competitions, such as the netherlands or the United Kingdom,” said Mr. Guillemette.

    It indicates that Jonathan was from the bike-only travel. “It was his way of travel, a means of transport, practical and economic”, lance-t-il.

    The father of Jonathan adds that he was a young man, intelligent and with leadership out of the ordinary.

    “He had not in the head that his life would end at 26 years old, he was full of projects. It is so hard as the life we make this move. It is necessary to enjoy life every day,” said Mr. Guillemette.

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    A community wiped out

    The new has had the effect of a bomb in the dance industry. Jonathan was a dancer of breakdance recognized. A b-boy in the jargon of the dancers.

    It was part of the team of Studio Party Time for 10 years as a coach. He had recently left the area of Quebec and settled at Trois-Rivières.

    “The guys breakdancing in Quebec, there is not a lot. The community is in Montreal. To make you abide there, you have to really be excellent and Ti-Jo was highly respected by his peers,” reports Guildo Griffin, president and general manager of Studio Party Time.

    Jonathan had started to teach the breakdance 10 years ago. “He was a model outright. It was hard for his students. They lose their coach, their idol, ” says Mr. Griffin. When your coach is one of the best and that you lose it, it is your cue that disappears.”