Thomas Meunier: Medium-shaved half-red hair for the resumption of training with the PSG

Techno 6 July, 2017

The preseason has begun for PSG players. Thomas Meunier arrived with a hairstyle to say the least surprising, that you risk to adore … Or not!

The holidays are over for the PSG. The players resumed training on Tuesday, July 4th, to prepare for the next season in which they intend to shine. Like Layvin Kurzawa who posed recently in sockcloth, Thomas Meunier is one of the first to have responded. He arrived with a good dose of motivation, but not only … He also unveiled a totally staggered haircut, which has nothing to do with the one he sported last season. Now the Belgian defender has the top of the red hair, and the skull shaved below … It deserves to be original! Before telling you more, we let you discover this strange hairstyle in pictures.

On the photo posted by the PSG on his account Instagram, we can admire the new hairstyle of Thomas Meunier. And the least that can be said is that it is quite peculiar. The player recruited by the club in the summer of 2016 did not opt ​​for the blonde as many of his teammates … He preferred the roux for the top of the mane, and shaved the sides and back Of the skull. At least, there is no risk of missing him on the field … Especially if he wears the new outer jersey of the PSG, which is yellow to celebrate the legacy of the Brazilian players. At meltyStyle, we are kissing Thomas Meunier and we hope he is going to make a big season.