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Entertainment, Techno 4 August, 2017

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While we speak to you on Thursday, August 3, the separation of Thomas Vergara and Nabilla Benattia, the magazine of the Public tells us more about the filming of australia, the two lovers terrible… The mazaine recounts an anecdote that says a lot.

Nabilla Benattia and Thomas Vergara are separated : after 5 years of love, but also of arguments, the lovebirds have finally decided to see the future each of his side.This is not the first time that a shooting turns to the domestic scene : already on the plateau of the Angels, in the United States in 2013, the relationship had been stormy. The culmination of this relationship passionate made of violence, the knife 2014, and the stay of Nabilla in prison at Versailles. Since then, the two seemed wise. Based in London, they have turned this summer’s The amazing adventures of Nabilla and Thomas in Australia. A shooting not really any rest.

According to our colleagues from Public, the relations between the starlet of reality tv and his companion were not in good shape : the subject of discord, a marriage and a baby. “The crescendo, to the point that the prod had to isolate its two heroes, by installing them in two separate hotel “, one reads in the magazine, which said no more on the nature of the tensions in the couple. “ In fact, there are two Nabilla : that of job, eccentric, colorful and a little crossed-out, and the one that I found in the evening, soft, cuddly and caringhad entrusted the young man to the Public in April 2013. Obviously, four years later, the lovers terrible have again given in to their demons. Damage, it is without doubt the promotion of their show, which will once again be canibalisée by this sad story.

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