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News 8 August, 2017
  • Benoît Philie

    Monday, 7 August 2017 23:00

    Monday, 7 August 2017 23:00

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    Owners of Passat in Canada, affected by the scandal of the engine fixing, there will eventually not be entitled to thousands of dollars of compensation provided.

    On 5 July, the superior Court of Quebec had forced Volkswagen to pay additional compensation to the vehicle owners diesel 2.0 liters of second generation in which the loan is linked to their self was higher than the sum of what they were to receive for the value of the vehicle and the compensation money.

    These clients were entitled to a discount loan of up to 30 % of the value of the vehicle, added to the compensation. The agreement concerned the Passat 2012 to 2014 automatic transmission, the vehicles for which there was no possible modification to the emissions system too polluting.

    According to the settlement reached in April in the framework of the canadian class action, the company had until June 15 to offer a repair for these vehicles in the country, failing which it should pay the compensation. The Quebec judge has concluded that Volkswagen had to offer discounts of loan since the repair was not available in the country before 23 June.

    “However, as it is a canada-wide class action, the judgment rendered in Quebec was conditional to this that a similar decision is rendered in Ontario in the past week “, explains the lawyer for the consumers in québec, Maxime Nasr.


    The superior Court of ontario has concluded from its side, a few days ago, that the change of emissions was in fact dated 15 June and that the deadline for its availability in the country was ” reasonable “.

    “We are extraordinarily disappointed with the judge’s decision” says to Me Nasr. He said that the group of consumers in ontario risk to appeal the decision.

    “People who want to share their vehicle, they do not expect, because from now on, if you go to the Court of appeal, this will be longer, he insists. And if eventually, we can obtain the rebate of the loan for them, we will find a mechanism to compensate later. “


    According to him, Volkswagen will save a lot of money with this decision, thousands, or even millions of dollars. “It is for this reason that he fights so much,” he says.

    For its part, Volkswagen estimates that there are about 2000 Passat concerned by the dispute in the country, but it is impossible to get an exact number.

    The company is entangled in the scandal since 2015, when the u.s. Agency of environmental protection had realized that the German manufacturer had rigged some of its diesel engines so that they foiled the environmental standards in force.

    Volkswagen Canada has not recalled The Newspaper.