Three alleged fraudsters quebec incarcerated in the United States

News 11 February, 2018
  • QMI agency

    Sunday, February 11, 2018 12:58

    Sunday, 11 February 2018 13:00

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    BURTON, Michigan | Four people, including three from Quebec, will face the american justice to respond to charges of fraud committed with seniors totaling thousands of dollars.

    According to the ABC, which is based on documents filed in court, Khaled Bilal Hassan and his cronies quebec Assaad El-Atat, Raphael Paquette and Rony Cherfan, used a ploy common, that is, the contact of elderly people by pretending to be a grandchild in trouble with an urgent need of money.

    The scammers contacted elderly people across the United States, asking them to send thousands of dollars via the company’s FedEx residences uninhabited Burton, in the suburbs of Flint, Michigan.

    In particular, a couple of Florida has sent 8600 $ in Burton on 10 January after being contacted by a fraudster pretending to be a police officer, who claimed that their daughter had been arrested for possession of marijuana. Another couple, this time from Texas, has sent a total of 8600 $ on January 12 to help a fake grandson who claimed to have been arrested for drinking and driving. The son of the couple, however, got wind of the hoax in time to prevent the transaction.

    Alerted, the police has asked FedEx to make other deliveries similar to Burton. By doing this, the police were able to monitor the addresses of empty houses which have been delivered parcels, thus taking on the fact the four accomplices at two events.

    It is as well that the police were able to arrest El-Atat, Paquette and Cherfan, then they were going to retrieve an envelope at the wheel of a Mercedes from the year 2016. During the arrest, police seized $ 39,000 in cash in the glove compartment, as well as a record of similar transactions totalling more than $200 000.

    During interrogation, Raphael Paquette acknowledged that his group had recovered 10 packages in Burton during the day. His role was to get out of the car to pick up the envelopes, he assured during his interrogation on 18 January.