Three days of strike action in the public health laboratory of Quebec

News 25 March, 2018
  • QMI agency

    Sunday, 25 march 2018 14:40

    Sunday, 25 march 2018 14:42

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    MONTREAL | the 21 members of The Union of professionals of the public health Laboratory of Quebec (SPPLSPQ-CSQ) will begin on Monday a three-day strike, while they are without a work contract since three years.

    The workers of the Laboratory, the majority are professionals holding at least a doctoral degree, have the task to diagnose and monitor infectious diseases.

    “The negotiations are unsuccessful fundamentally on the question of the recognition of our expertise, translating to a wage gap of more than 30 % with our colleagues practicing in similar employment in the health care network”, explained the president of the SPPLSPQ-CSQ, Sadjia Bekal.

    The researchers of the Laboratory have worked on different folders in Québec, including legionnaires ‘ disease and the Ebola virus, and Zika. They are also called to address antibiotic resistance threats and bioterrorism, has given the example of Ms. Bekal.

    “Since the month of June of this year, 20 % of our members have chosen to pursue their careers elsewhere, notably in the health network, to be entitled to a remuneration at the height of their expertise,” said the president, who wanted the strike to allow them to leave the negotiations to a stalemate.