Three good reasons to sleep during the day

Techno 4 February, 2018

2018-02-04 10:39

To your attention there are several good reasons to sleep during the day. There were a few studies performed by and you may be a bit surprised at what they found during their study. Either way below we have listed the top three reason to sleep during the day.

Unfortunately, in the modern world it is believed that the day asleep only overt lnhi

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But this statement is wrong, because a large amount of work and a constant voltage of the drain body. It is therefore not surprising that the experts strongly recommend to relax a bit in the middle of the day, reports Rus.Media.

To your attention there are several good reasons to sleep during the day.


Studies by NASA found that a 40 minute NAP increases alertness by 100%. Other studies have shown that a 20 minute NAP is more effective than 200 mg of caffeine (Cup of coffee) and charging. One of the main benefits of the NAP is its ability to restore the body. In fact, if the afternoon NAP, it will refresh you and increase alertness and energy in the second part of the day.

Memory and cognitive ability

One of the advantages of NAP is that it improves short-term memory and cognitive abilities. Therefore, a person who has a habit to NAP during the day, will always remember more and better. Short-term memory is involved when working on complex tasks.

A short sleep will help to process large volumes of information and work in multitasking mode. Researchers from Saarland University in Germany found that short NAPs significantly enhances cognitive function of the brain. And the Sandman will improve the ability to learn and remember five times.

Creative potential

A 2013 study conducted by researchers of the Center for functional and molecular imaging at Georgetown University, focused on the study of brain activity of subjects during sleep. They found that the left hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for logic and analysis almost no effect. But in the right hemisphere, which is responsible for creativity and creative thinking, showed a strong activity.

This showed researchers that the brain is able to engage the creative process more efficiently and smoothly during sleep. Scientists were able to determine that the NAP helps in developing creative solutions to existing problems. When a person is not sleeping, his brain is actively working on the problem (while performing many other functions), but when she falls asleep, a creative center in her brain continues to quietly think about the problem.