Three Rivers will have its point-of-sale of cannabis

News 23 March, 2018
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    Louis Cloutier

    Friday, 23 march, 2018 19:19

    Friday, 23 march, 2018 19:27

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    TROIS-RIVIÈRES – quebec Society of cannabis (SQC) for ten sites for the establishment of a point-of-sale in Trois-Rivières.

    One of those, looked at more carefully, is located on a mail, outdoor shopping located at the intersection of boulevard des Forges and des Récollets.

    The available local has a dimension of 2000 square feet, which corresponds exactly to the criteria of the SQC. The body would like to say for the moment that it is “in the exploratory mode”. Its representatives have also visited the old room, now subdivided, to the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) on the boulevard des Récollets.

    The point-of-sale should be a good distance away from any school, but also a day care centre or an amusement park.

    Of the delegates of the SQC have met in the last few days officials of the town planning department of the City of Trois-Rivières. The town hall will have a big say in the choice of location.

    “The SQC has targeted some places. We have not yet given our endorsement. We are discussing with them. It is in the process of analyzing the situation and we will make recommendations,” said Yvan Toutant, the spokesperson of the City.

    And Shawinigan?

    The SQC will open twenty new branches across the province in the context of a first wave of settlements. It does not appear that there is, initially in any case, on the side of Shawinigan. The Town indicates there have, to date, been no news of the SQC.