Three robbers senior citizens betrayed by the youngest of the clan

News 21 March, 2018
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    The quartet was alleged to have stolen 430 000 $ to Garda in Longueuil, quebec, August 21, 2014, but this theft does not count among those in which the defendants are declared guilty.

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    Tuesday, march 20, 2018 14:15

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    Four robbers of vans armoured than the Montreal police was caught because one of them was engaged in foolish expenditures have pronounced several times the word “guilty” on Tuesday.

    The youngest of the clan, David Stachula, 49 years of age, do not lead off to the sides of his accomplices customers in the box of the accused. He looked the most sheepish of the four. And with good reason, in light of the evidence weird raised by the SPVM, has learned of The Journal.

    The ingenious gang of the “Old Timers” was a past master in the art of disabling the alarm systems of the banks where they were introducing to hide and wait for the Garda to come deliver cash before attacking.

    To enter it, the thieves made the duplicate keys of banks referred to after having taken the impressions of the locks in which they had inserted the plasticine. This work of the monk was apparently the specialty of Stachula.

    On the evening of January 29, 2015, Stachula and his cousin, Walter Butt, 67 years of age, have completed their stroke, the most paying in stealing nearly $ 900,000 to officers upon their arrival to a bank RBC of the rue Van Horne.

    Everything seemed to go smoothly for them. But the police began to suspect that Butt and two other offenders of 66 years : Paul Thomas Bryntwick, one close to the gang of the West, and Serge Fournier, as his accomplices, English called him ” The French Guy “.

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    In a hurry to blaze the money

    The track has warmed up when the unit investigators of the major crimes that have put their nose in the finances of Stachula.

    Without legitimate employment, the resident of Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac was, however, deposited $ 90,000 in a bank account and repaid a loan of 31 846 $ contracted in 2013 for its in-ground pool.

    He had also spent $ 50,000 on his credit cards in a year, of which 3582 $ invoices of restaurants in a single month.

    A micro secretly installed by police in the Buick Butt has also allowed them to hear Stachula said was that he wanted to buy a new house worth over half a million $, but banks do want to lend loan.

    Stachula and his accomplices were arrested in December 2015. Two months later, the attorney general has entered his house, where police found $ 87,000 as ” cash “, plasticine, and dozens of duplicate keys. His wife was immediately dropped.

    The quartet was convicted of conspiracy, robbery, unlawful confinement, and unlawful possession of firearms. Initially charged with seven armed robberies totalling $ 2.5 million, the accused finally confessed their role in three robberies, where the losses had reached a million and a half dollars.

    Detained since their arrest in December 2015, the robbers will be at their sentencing in September.