Three sisters give birth in 44 hours

News 24 August, 2017
  • Photo Magalie Lapointe
    Here we see the three babies aged three weeks with their moms. To the left, Kelli-Ann Frate and his boy Dominic Dupont, center, Melissa Frate with her daughter Mila Mccomber and to the right Emily Frate with her daughter Letsi’tsatenniharons Standup.

    Magalie Lapointe

    Thursday, 24 August, 2017 06:30

    Thursday, 24 August, 2017 06:30

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    KAHNAWAKE | Three sisters have given life to two girls and a boy in a period of just 44 hours at the same hospital.

    There are now almost 10 months, Melissa Frate, 22 years old, announced to her family that she was pregnant.

    And then, a day later, the elder daughter Emily Frate, 26 years old, has also announced the great news.

    The cherry on the sundae arrived the following week, while the youngest of the family, Kelli-Ann Frate, 23 years, has announced she is also pregnant.

    They contend the joke have not participated in the same festival nine months ago and not to have planned their pregnancies together. It is pure coincidence. But all one.

    The grand-mom of the three new-born, Tammy Standup, was completely reversed when she learned that Kelli-Ann was pregnant.

    “I believe that nobody can hope to become a grandma three times in 44 hours. It is a blessing, ” said Ms. Standup.

    And then, when his daughters have mentioned their date of birth, she immediately stated that Kelli-Ann would have a boy and that the other two would be girls.

    She has even stated that the last accoucherait the first and vice versa.

    However, all his predictions occurred.

    In two days

    According to the calculations of physicians, 10 days would have had to separate the three births.

    In the end, the cousin and the cousins are separated only 44 hours. The first baby is born on the 31st of July, and the other on 2 August.

    “We did everything together, we saw the doctor the same day for our appointment. We heard the heart beats of the babies on the same day. It could not do otherwise, these babies did everything together, ” said Melissa Frate.

    Always in-sync

    Three weeks after their birth, babies continue to be synchronized. For example, moms often find themselves to breastfeed or bottle feed at the same time.

    On the morning of 2 August, Emily Frate was already plugged into the monitor when her little sister Melissa was in full work.

    “I absolutely wanted to attend the birth, even though I was plugged in. I waited 15 minutes before a nurse comes. But I arrived in time, ” explained Emily Frate.

    It is finally a few hours later, at 17: 44, Emily gave birth to her third child.

    “When the nurses entered the room and said : Mrs. Frate ? Our answer was always : Which one ? ” started Melissa.

    Unique relationship

    Same thing for their baby, when a hospital employee asked if it was the baby of mrs. Frate, women had to ensure they had the right hands !

    According to the sisters, their doctor would never have seen the three sisters give birth within a short time at the same hospital.

    The sisters Frate are unanimous : this event has been reconciled. They are delighted to be able to help each other and live their daily lives together.

    “During my pregnancy, when I had a problem, I called one of my two sisters. I live in LaSalle and I often spoke to my sister by phone, but since the birth, I am still Kahnawake, ” said Kelli-Ann Frate.

    This last is already thinking of going back to kindergarten.

    “These children are the same age, will have a unique relationship and they will be very close. I hope that they will not be all in the same class. Poor teacher, ” said Kelli-Ann Frate.