Three types of friendship! Find out with whom the friendship that you have!

Techno 14 February, 2018

2018-02-14 16:39

Three types of friendship! Find out with whom the friendship that you have!
Scientists have found that friendship is divided into three categories!

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Here came another study that will streamline your life and put it its logical the shelves. This time scientists encroached on the sacred, the concept of “friendship”, reports Rus.Media.

Have you ever wondered on what principle do you choose friends? If not, you can continue not to think: you already did Professor Janice McCabe of the University of the Midwest.

Analyzing the personal data of 67 students, Janice came to the conclusion that the friendly relations of the individual are of three types.

Now we will tell you about each. The individual we decided to call Stepa in all three varieties of friendship — for ease of understanding. (If your name is Steve, you will well really just.)

The 1st type. Codependent

Is this the type of friendship we for the past 10 seasons have watched the TV series “Friends”. Friendship spurilina type provides a single company in which all somehow related to each other — someone more, someone less but bound.

On the one hand, according to Professor McCabe, is good: the individual Steps in stressful circumstances, there are many shoulders on which to lean. On the other hand, such closed communities do not like to take into its fold new members. If Stepan imbued with warm feelings for the girl from the outside world, but group members will not like it the relationship is unlikely to have a future.

The 2nd type. Separating

Stepa there are several groups of friends, and these groups did not overlap. It’s convenient: Steve may apply for each group in different ways.

For example, friends of the Conservatory cellist Steve, and the boys from the yard he is a simple man from the 5th of the apartment, which goes with a large mysterious box. Minus: if the Step come to mind to meet these disparate groups, the participants can present it before the other members in a negative light (especially if there is there a female friend who can relate).

The 3rd type. Individual

Large groups of friends and noisy gatherings in the bar attract the Steppe is much less than a profound communication with eye to eye. As a result, Stepan has a few friends from different areas of life, he is seen with each separately, and they may not know each other.

According to Professor McCabe, the approach to friendship issues to a Degree an independent person capable of making decisions, which is good. But the bad thing is that in unpleasant situations (for example, if the hooligans will take Stepa cello) he won’t have a large group of friends that are willing to unite and stand up for him.