Timber: conservatism of companies-du-Québec

News 8 December, 2017
  • Simon Gamache Fortin

    Friday, December 8, 2017 18:28

    Friday, December 8, 2017 18:32

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    The maintenance of the imposition of countervailing duties on the canadian lumber strength companies of the eastern Quebec to play it safe. It is not discouraged by this setback as it is believed that Canada may have lost a battle, but certainly not the war.

    The decision of the american Commission for the international trade, on Thursday, confirming the legitimacy of the imposition of anti-dumping and countervailing punitive damages, a situation that is of concern to the region.

    “The industry is still preoccupied by it. We also, one is interpellated in these folders, but I think that we need to move forward, look ahead. It has not the impact of the crisis”, reported on Friday, Chantale Lavoie, prefect of the MRC of Matapédia, quebec.

    Although everyone is surprised by the decision, the players of the wood industry of the region, such as the Union of forest producers remain optimistic for the future. The businesses here have been able to adapt. Canada emerged as the winner two times in front of international courts for this type of case.

    “It is sure that there is some concern, currently. We know that our product is in demand in the United States. This lack of timber in the United States. We also know that we have allies such as the State of Maine,” said Charles Edmond Landry, director-general of the Union of forest producers in the Bas-Saint-Laurent.

    Cedrico, which has factories in La Mitis and la Matapédia, sells 75 % of its production for our neighbours to the South.

    “I will not say of crisis management, but management as a result of the fact that we sell our wood in the United States, you pay a tax of 20 %. Therefore, we need to be more careful, even if one is more cautious,” said Denis Berube, president and general manager of Cedrico.

    Since the imposition of countervailing duties in spring, the company has managed to maintain its level of operation.

    “The concern we have, that is this: that the american economy will sustain it? What is expected in the next year, it is that there is a good economy, that is the starting point. The other concern is when we sell our wood, we sold it hoping to have the return of this tax,” said Mr. Bérubé.