Tinder talks about the swipe, which has become a “reference in popular culture”

Techno 15 February, 2017

Valentine’s Day is not completely over: Sean Rad, co-founder and president of Tinder, gives us a lot of love today by answering our questions about applying dating!
Clearly, in recent months, Tinder has perfectly well how to make talk about his dating app. Whether it is well-thought-out communication, such as when Tinder has gone into virtual reality mode or when the platform has played the Cupid to match unknowns for Ford Mustang, or political engagement with the feature “Swipe the Primary” Unveiled by Tinder last November, it is undeniable: Tinder never stops and offers you always more news. And, by the way, it should be confirmed in 2017. The editor of meltyStyle was fortunate to be able to ask a few questions to Sean Rad, co-founder and president of Tinder , who revealed to us “exciting projects for 2017 ,
Do you think you’re in the spotlight about everything Tinder has to offer you today? Listen to what Sean Rad says, “Tinder’s mission today is to make it easier and more fun for users to connect with new people.” Whether it’s swiper Friends and match with other groups on Tinder Social, activate the Smart Photos feature to highlight your best profile or add music to your profile via Spotify and connect with profiles that share your Tastes, our first ambition is always to bring new experiences to our users . ” So, You really noticed all these features? If you had stayed at the swipe, you may have to turn a little further into the future . In any case, do not worry, it always represents a great pride for the firm. “Tinder’s design, interface and innovations are our pride, and swipe is now part of popular culture, the language of the Millennials, and is present in a lot of content today: swipe through information Broadcast on the World mobile app or swipe to the right to buy clothes on an app shopping, swipe is everywhere.This is really impressive and we are proud to have been the pioneers in launching a mechanism So innovative and now so widespread ” . And you, are you on Tinder?